Christina Nadin’s 5 Beauty Essentials

Camille Robiou Du Pont

The international model who has more than 660,000 followers on Instagram, believes in keeping things simple. 

“As models are so visible on social media, it is important to be responsible in the message you send out to your followers,” digital creator and model Christina Nadin tells Vogue Philippines.

With over 660,000 followers on Instagram, Nadin talks about having a more mindful approach to beauty. Born in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, to a Filipino mother and Irish-British father, she spent most of her summers with her family at Legazpi, Albay.

Camille Robiou Du Pont

“Growing up, I didn’t aspire to a specific beauty standard,” says Nadin, as she recalls which media she got exposed to early on which included “singers and celebrities who were also half Filipino. It was great to see that representation and success.”

Nadin is a personality with multiple ethnicities, and she believes that it’s about taking the aspects of what makes you unique. “I have always embraced having exposure to both my Filipino and British side and learning the traditions of both. I believe being mixed-race helps me to be sensitive to other people’s cultures and understand that we don’t all think the same way.”

Camille Robiou Du Pont

Aside from nurturing a healthy relationship with her multifaceted identity, she also knows that taking care of herself extends to her skin, even if she limits her skincare regimen to a few basic steps. In fact, self-care is an encompassing concept to her—not just focusing on the outside but also being kind and accepting on the inside. “I learnt that it was important to focus on being yourself and to embrace what makes you unique,” she muses. 

Nadin, who appears in a spread shot in Siargao by Camille Robiou du Pont in the October 2022 issue of Vogue Philippines, shares her bare essentials and beauty regimen.


One thing high up on the model’s beauty list is hydration. As she’s mostly out and about, doing one thing or another for work, she shares she never forgets her H20. “I try to drink a lot of water to keep hydrated,” Nadin says.

Keep It Simple

Never underestimate the power of a simplified beauty routine. Choosing the right products is almost as important as the regimen itself. “I try to select products that provide a hydrated glow to the skin. I also keep my skincare regime quick and easy so that I can still do it when traveling,” says the model, adding how she opts for products that target her moisturizing concerns.

Use Tools

Tools, if used correctly, can enhance the face dramatically. “I love thick face oils and a frozen gua sha to help reduce puffiness in the mornings,” she says.

Employ Serums

“I love rich serums and moisturizers to keep my skin plump and radiant,” Christina says. “I keep my skincare regime quick and easy so that I can still do it when traveling.”


Nadin knows that protecting the skin is a must, particularly from harmful UV rays. “I never forget to put on a good SPF as the last step,” she says.

With high hopes, she’s keen on pushing inclusion forward. “I hope that the modeling industry continues to increase diversity in both beauty and fashion,” she says. “I also think it’s important for the models to promote body confidence and a healthy balanced lifestyle.”

Photographed by Camille Robiou du Pont, styling by Renee de Guzman, Vogue Philippines, October 2022.

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