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Vogue Beauty Launching Soon: Starring Dove Girls In Its Pilot Episodes

Photo by Louis Duran of Chapters PH

Megan Young, Angelina Cruz, and Hannah Pangilinan serve as the first Filipino personalities to be featured in the Philippines’ iteration of US Beauty Secrets.

In an era where beauty transcends borders, Vogue Philippines is set to introduce its own spiritual successor to the widely acclaimed Beauty Secrets YouTube series. Originating from the United States, the Beauty Secrets series has garnered immense popularity for its exploration of skincare and makeup tips from figures such as Olivia Rodrigo, Selena Gomez, Millie Bobby Brown, and other personalities in pop culture and beyond. Now, Vogue Philippines brings this concept to local audiences through “Vogue Beauty,” offering a glimpse into the beauty routines of prominent Filipino personalities.

SUKI Jewelry earrings Photo by Louis Duran of Chapters PH
DOVE Radiant + Care Deodorant Roll On and Dry Serum in the Purple variant Photo by Louis Duran of Chapters PH

In an effort to celebrate this milestone, Vogue Beauty’s first few pilot episodes spotlight three of the newest Dove Girls: Megan Young, Hannah Pangilinan, and Angelina Cruz, with each of them bringing their unique perspectives to beauty at the forefront of a global audience. The debut of the new video series also coincides with the launch of Dove’s own #RadiantGirlEra campaign, which is a movement that encourages confidence among women, and promotes self-belief and empowerment.

DOVE Radiant + Care Deodorant Roll On and Dry Serum in the Orange variant Photo by Louis Duran of Chapters PH
LA OCEANN Jaisalmer dress and SUKI JEWELRY Amina diamond studs Photo by Louis Duran of Chapters PH

Throughout the series, Megan, Hannah, and Angelina each share their personal skincare and makeup routines, revealing the tips and tricks behind each of their looks. Behind each routine, the three featured women also center themselves around a message of empowerment and self-confidence, inspiring women to be comfortable in their own skin. Their message does not only apply to the skin on their face, but their underarms as well, as each of them introduce the Dove Radiant + Care Deo Serums into their daily routines. This deo line addresses their underarm insecurities, allowing them to reach a new level of confidence especially when wearing sleeveless tops or doing movements that expose their underarms.

LAYÀ Chiara dress and SUKI JEWELRY Nala diamond studs Photo by Louis Duran of Chapters PH
DOVE Radiant + Care Deodorant Roll On and Dry Serum in the Pink variant Photo by Louis Duran of Chapters PH

Beyond providing protection against sweat and odor, the deodorant is also formulated with 3% Niacinamide, alongside other skincare ingredients that address a diverse range of underarm skin concerns. For example, since Hannah’s beauty routine focuses on correction and concealment, the content creator uses the Omega6 variant to smoothen underarm chicken skin and lines. As a rising actress, Angelina is often seen attending events, tapings, and other functions, leading her to favor the Vitamin C&E variant that allows her to achieve even-toned underarms. Lastly, former beauty queen Megan Young talked about the importance of healthy skin as a good base under makeup, which is why she uses the Collagen variant to nourish her underarms with damage from shaving.

Photo by Louis Duran of Chapters PH

Vogue Beauty officially launches in the Philippines this April, with the first series of pilot episodes being released on the following dates:

April 26: Megan Young

May 3: Hannah Pangilinan

May 10: Angelina Cruz 

To view each episode, stay tuned to Vogue Philippines’ official Youtube channel.

Photography by Louis Duran of Chapters. Styling by Gee Jocson. Megan Young’s Glam Team: Carissa Cielo Medved and Mark Ibarrola. Hannah Pangilinan Glam Team:Anton Patdu and Boggy Diaz. Angelina Cruz Glam Team:Niki Medina and MJ Rone. Producers: Ian Urmaza and Bradly Hao. Production Assistant:Leahkim Orsolino. Written by Gabriel Yap. Shot on Location: Ortigas Land Showroom

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