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Lightweight and Lightning Speed Design: A Foldable Smartphone’s Ode to Magic

Touted as the “world’s thinnest foldable smartphone,” the HONOR Magic V2 hosts a myriad of features ideal for every businessman. Photo courtesy of HONOR Philippines

From a slim design to high-end immersive features, the launch of the HONOR Magic V2 was a fusion of style, cutting-edge technology, and gastronomic delights

Foldable phones may bring to mind the clamshell designs of the late nineties and the early aughts. Today, they represent a new era of smartphone technology. These devices feature multiple touchscreen panels on hinges, utilizing flexible displays that seamlessly transform from a compact phone into a tablet-like form. With the resurgence of the Y2K trend, the popularity of foldable phones has not only brought back nostalgia but has also reintroduced popular tech from that period minus the bulk.

Among those making a mark in this arena of smartphones is the HONOR Magic V2, dubbed as the world’s thinnest foldable phone, weighing only 231 grams and measuring a mere 9.9mm when folded.

During the debut of the HONOR foldable phone at The Tent in Enderun, McKinley Hill, the event was carefully crafted to offer attendees an immersive experience. Host James Deakin opened the evening and filled in guests with what’s in store for them for the night. “Every detail of the event was thought of for you. From the folded screens on stage to the first-class airplane setup, everything is made for you to experience the [foldable] phone in different ways,” remarked Deakin.

HONOR Philippines Executives on stage at the launch of HONOR Magic V2
From L-R: HONOR Philippines PR Manager Pao Oga, Home Credit Head of Partner Marketing Anvey Factora, HONOR Philippines Brand Manager Joepy Libo-on, GTM Manager Steven Yan, Country Manager Sean Yuan, Vice President Stephen Cheng, National Training Head Jaynard Lamarca, and PR Supervisor Denis Santos. Photo courtesy of HONOR Philippines

The venue was adorned with multiple setups, including a striking folded screen LED display on stage, a luxurious cream leather plane seat with first-class amenities, and a sleek Porsche 911, symbolizing advancements in design. Each vignette allowed guests to truly experience the innovative capabilities of the foldable smartphone. To truly visualize the flagship model and its capabilities, HONOR Philippines PR Manager Pao Oga introduced the Magic V2’s full specs.

The evening also featured a live performance by R&B singer Kyla, who sang her chart-topping hits as well as several beloved Filipino songs from the 90s. After guests enjoyed the melodies and indulged in specially crafted drinks by the HONOR Magic V2, prepared by Remy Martin, the anticipation grew.

A six-course meal prepared by Chef Thomas Wagner of Enderun Hotels awaited guests. As each dish was served, Jaynard Lamarca, HONOR Philippines’ national training head, intriguingly paired each course with a specific Magic V2 spec, encouraging guests to ponder, “What is beyond the galaxy?”

A guest taking photos of the food
Photo courtesy of HONOR Philippines

Throughout the dinner, Lamarca highlighted key features, such as the 9.9mm thickness symbolizing the pioneering entrance of foldable phones into the millimeter era paired with a similar-sized tomato tart with parmesan crisps, arugula and balsamic reduction; the 5000mAh battery life with a 66-watt SuperCharge features a carbo-loaded potato soup with leek foam; the flagship dual screens with eye protection represented by two slices of seared mahi, saffron risotto, and herb nage and; the SGS 5-Star Certified super light titanium hinge represented by a yogurt sherbet. 

Additionally, Lamarca emphasized the 23GB RAM + 512GB ROM Storage with a roast beef and pineapple pairing to symbolize its hefty arsenal, and the camera setup comprised of a 50-megapixel f/1.9 main camera, a 50-megapixel f/2.0 ultra-wide shooter, and a 20-megapixel f/2.4 telephoto camera represented by a black forest cake in the shape reminiscent of a camera. Each feature was a taste of the device’s innovative technology through a culinary lens.

The HONOR foldable smartphone on the table
Photo courtesy of HONOR Philippines

To end the evening, guests were treated to a surprise—a collaboration between HONOR and Porsche Design. Introduced by HONOR Philippines brand marketing manager Joepy Libo-on, the Porsche edition of the Magic V2, named HONOR Magic V2 RSR, showcased a back cover and camera bump that paid homage to the luxurious design studio.

“Driven by our shared values of consistently reaching for new excellence and pushing boundaries, HONOR and Porsche combined design philosophies to create high-end smart devices and offer customers a luxury experience in the world of electronics,” expressed Libo-on, highlighting the essence of the collaboration. She aptly described it as “the businessman’s choice.”

A Porsche 911 Carrera-S stationed at The Tent at Enderun
Photo courtesy of HONOR Philippines

To learn more about the full specs of HONOR Magic V2, visit HONOR’s official website. For more exciting announcements, head on to HONOR Philippines’ social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Shop. To see a complete list of HONOR’s Experience and Partner stores, go to or shop online via Shopee and Lazada.

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