The Wave to Sustainability: Security Bank Launches New Lifestyle Credit Card
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The Wave to Sustainability: Security Bank Launches New Lifestyle Credit Card

Photo courtesy of Security Bank

Erwan Heusaff at the launch of Security Bank’s Wave Mastercard. Photo courtesy of Security Bank

Dive into environmental and financial responsibility with a groundbreaking credit card crafted entirely from recycled materials, boasting an array of competitive benefits.

No annual fees, low interest rates, and cashback opportunities might seem like yesterday’s banking news, but this latest offering goes beyond average credit cards. Launched with ambassadors Solenn and Erwan Heusaff at The Island at The Palace in BGC, Security Bank introduces the ‘Wave Mastercard’ as a new companion that meets the needs of today’s budget-savvy and environmentally-conscious customers.

An intentional play on words, the credit card dons a dynamic wave design that not only catches the eye, but also surfs through a more sustainable banking experience.

Towards a Greener Financial Footprint 
Photo courtesy of Security Bank

There is a clamor for eco-consciousness in commerce, particularly resonating with the emerging generation. Head of Product Management and Communications Meri Filart said, “We know that Generation Z is growing. They are becoming more mature in the way they spend. They are very smart, and they have the ability to change the world for the better — that’s why we wanted to develop a product that’s aligned with who they are and what they need.”

For visionary minds, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for business, but should be a large part of a company’s values that commit toward positive change into the wider community.

The launch of ‘Wave Mastercard’ surges in with a number of more eco-conscious elements, with it being the banks’ first-ever credit card made out of 100% recycled PVC, certified by the ICMA Ecolabel Standard. Security Bank partnered with one of the leading eco-friendly card manufacturers, Idemia, under their Greenpay collection.

This move represents a small portion of the bank’s new direction for the future, with the bank currently transitioning to more eco-friendly practices, such as adopting solar power and renewable energy in their branches. The launch event of the new card was also met with plant-based food and refreshments that were served throughout the card’s debut.

A Better Banking Promise
Photo courtesy of Security Bank

The ‘Wave Mastercard’ also extends its commitment to its new direction in terms of finances, by deliberately waiving the usual intimidating liabilities for newer credit holders. Aside from the benefit of zero annual fees for life, it also presents an impressively low interest of just 2.5%, one of the industry’s most competitive rates.

And to echo the needs of the digital-first generation, it also grants 1% cashback on all lifestyle purchases placed online. One can virtually shop for fashionable finds, culinary delights, or travel escapades all while enjoying incentives. 

Solenn and Erwan Heusaff Photo courtesy of Security Bank

Apply for the Security Bank Wave Mastercard on their website today. Get approved until March 5, 2024, to receive a PHP2,000 eGC.

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