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The Relaunch of Deoproce in the Philippines Sees Liza Soberano as its Newest Face

Liza Soberano on stage at the relaunch of Deoproce in the Philippines. Photo courtesy of Deoproce

The Korean skincare brand prioritizes a more tailored approach to beauty routines in its official relaunching event in the country

Oftentimes, the practice of skincare does not have a universal solution. Each skin type has a unique response to external factors and certain cosmetics, and finding the right routine to cater to each profile is usually a long and arduous process of discovery. In experimenting with skincare products, a person prone to oily skin would have a wildly different reaction as compared to someone with dry complexion, with the possibility for issues to either be exacerbated or fully mitigated based on the combination of ingredients. At an occasion held in celebration of Deoproce’s relaunch in the Philippines, the Korean beauty brand sought to ease the amount of guesswork that goes into finding a suitable skincare routine. 

Photo courtesy of Deoproce
Photo courtesy of Deoproce

Throughout the evening, dermatologists of varying specializations were present to give guests recommendations based on a “Skin Diary” that was handed out at the beginning of the event. It included a profile that asked attendees questions pertaining to their skin type, their amount of daily sun exposure, the rate of skin regeneration, and the kinds of skin issues they commonly experience. After the series of consultations, guests were guided through a hall into a short program, with president Angie Goyena formally reintroducing the brand’s launch in the Philippines. 

The program culminated in Liza Soberano being unveiled as the newest face of Deoproce and as the region’s first Filipino ambassador. In a short segment, she discussed the importance of skincare in her daily routine, how she chose her cosmetics, and her plans for the future. 

Photo courtesy of Deoproce

“Our skin is a reflection of our overall health, and for me it’s really important for us to dedicate time to really take care of our skin and show ourselves some love. That’s how I show myself love, and it’s the most reliable thing that I have to lean on when I’m stressed because it’s something I can do for myself,” opens Soberano.

Apart from conversations regarding her personal skincare journey, the actress also touched on why she resonated with the brand, and how she was excited for their future collaborations.

Photo courtesy of Deoproce
Photo courtesy of Deoproce

“(Throughout the pandemic), I went through a bunch of trial and error when testing out different products for myself, and that’s when I realized it wasn’t a one size fits all kind of thing, you need to find the right products that work best for your skin. The thing about Deoproce is that they have such a wide range that it caters to everybody, and you can always find something for yourself within their lines,” she adds. 

As the evening concluded, curtains fell to reveal a number of stations that enabled guests to build their own skincare routines. Choosing from a series of cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers, and other care products, each attendee was given a unique combination of recommendations based on the profiles of their Skin Diary consultations.

Photo courtesy of Deoproce

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