The Launch of the Metrobank World Mastercard Reaches Into the Wealth of Lifestyle and Dining Through Travel
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The Launch of the Metrobank World Mastercard Reaches Into the Wealth of Lifestyle and Dining Through Travel

Photo by Ron Lach. Courtesy of Pexels

The Metrobank World Mastercard fuels the travel experience through luxury dining, premium hotel access, and shopping

As the world began to awaken from its three year slumber, the ease of health and travel restrictions have incited people to make up for lost time. This newfound freedom has led toward an increase in the number of jet-setters across the globe, with more people seeking comfort in new destinations and exposure toward different cultures. Partially designed for the revenge traveler, the Metrobank World Mastercard is relaunched to once again serve as a universal companion, fueling the variety of experiences of its holders.

Picturing a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower, with its crown contrasting against the soft, blue skies—is a scene overlooking a balcony accompanied by a morning meal with the crackling of french bread and a platter of fresh fruits. This setting is only one of many moments that can be lived through the card as it places a greater emphasis on lifestyle and dining. 

These experiences are brought to light through the Mastercard Luxury Hotel and Resorts Collection that taps into many key locations worldwide. The card tours its holders through a lap of luxury, with thousands of the highest rated hotels and resorts at their fingertips. There are a multitude of opportunities to explore the cultures of different countries, to enjoy food and beverages in some of the best dining spots, and shopping available in different key locations.

Photo by Hilal Bülbül Courtesy of Pexels

Metrobank World Mastercard holders have access to a wide range of benefits, including opportunities to travel to a variety of the world’s countries, while also being able to shop and dine in gourmet eateries and plazas within each corner of the world. These benefits are tailored to the cardholders’ needs and aim to provide priceless experiences across the globe. 

For the savvy shopper, the card also features cash back deals in Bloomingdale’s US, both in-store and online, as well as travel deals across the globe. 

The Metrobank World Mastercard also spotlights dining as one of the highlights of its new features. Spanning a diverse palate of cuisines, the card offers luxury dining across a variety of partnered restaurants— including Marriott Cafe Buffet at Marriott Hotel Manila, Jasmine at New World Makati, Melo’s and Mgyuu Steaks, available only for a limited amount of time.

Reaching deeper into the wealth of travel experiences as part of their Luxury Hotel and Resorts Collection, the Metrobank World Mastercard enables cardholders to access the most distinguished villas, from one-bedroom apartments to 42-bedroom estates across the globe.

Photo courtesy of Metrobank

Apply for the Metrobank World Mastercard today on their website.

For special shopping deals,and rebates cardholders may check and register here for details.

For special travel offers, find a multitude of travel options here.

For dining promos, cardholders may check the Metrobank Website > Promos for more details

For more on Mastercard’s priceless experiences, visit their website.

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