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The Diamond Awards Recognize the Pioneers in Beauty and Cosmetics

Dr. Aivee and Z Teo on stage at the Galderma Awards. Photo courtesy of The Aivee Clinic

Among the awardees, the Aivee Clinic has been rewarded with the Red Diamond Excellence Award for their achievements in beauty aesthetics

There is a high degree of artistry involved in sculpting human anatomy. Due to the delicate sensitivities of the skin, mastery of medicine, technology, and developing the latest in dermatologic techniques is a requirement for medical aesthetic clinics to continue their practice. In commemoration of the many forms of innovation that these clinics have made over the past few decades, Galderma Aesthetics Philippines held the first ever Diamond Awards on March 8, 2024. 

This event celebrated the milestones of the various aesthetic clinics in the country, recognizing the top clinics and their contributions with a number of different awards. Preceding the event were opening remarks given by Galderma Aesthetics’ head of marketing, Christine Yap-Legaspi, discussing the ethos behind staging the awards ceremony.

“We are hosting the Philippines’ most diverse and detailed lineup of awards to continue promoting the best practices for our partner clinics that are pioneers in our field, while also working toward our vision of helping patients achieve results that will empower them to look confident and feel their best,” she explains. 

Photo courtesy of The Aivee Clinic

Throughout the many forms of recognition distributed throughout the evening, the Red Diamond Excellence Award serves as the highest honor given to clinics that have made strides in both technology and treatment techniques within the past decade. Among them, Aivee Clinic was recognized with this honor, being the first recipient of the Red Diamond Excellence Award for their contributions to the dermatology and cosmetics industry. The medical aesthetic clinic was also acknowledged at the event for its development with procedures utilizing Sculptra and Restylane, which are forms of natural treatment that restores collagen and tightens the skin.

Following the clinic’s win at the Diamond Awards, Dr. Aivee Teo, the president and medical director of Aivee Clinic, imparted a final message to the guests in attendance during her acceptance speech. 

“This award also represents the importance of collaboration and teamwork as we in the Aivee Group continue to work as a family with shared goals, passion and commitment. Tonight’s recognition will further fuel our dedication to continue our journey in setting the standards for excellence in our industry. Before I close, I want to congratulate all my fellow awardees and esteemed colleagues for their well-deserved recognitions. Together, let us strive to push more boundaries and endeavor to make a difference in our field of dermatology and aesthetics,” says the newly awarded Dr. Aivee Teo. 

For more information on Galderma Aesthetics, visit their website at galdermaaesthetics.ph

Similarly, visit Aivee Clinic’s website at theaiveeclinic.com for information regarding their treatments and services.

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