The Meaning of Slow Fashion As Told by Lily & Matilda
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There’s Beauty in Taking it Slow According to Fashion Label Lily & Matilda

Lily & Matilda’s appeal is not confined to a niche. Its founders were driven by a vision to marry glamour with eco-friendliness, without the steep price tag. Photo courtesy of Lily & Matilda

With a philosophy built on sustainability and slow fashion, Lily & Matilda encourages you to embrace a more thoughtful approach in a fast-paced world of fashion

The modern world thrives on speed. Quick clicks, swift world updates, instant food gratifications—most of what we experience today is about delivering quicker results. This need for speed in our lives and technology even has a name: “social acceleration,” an effect that blends technological progress with the quickening tempo of life.

However, amidst this frenetic pace, there are movements that ask us to pause and rethink our consumption patterns. In the fashion industry, the idea of “slow fashion,” a term coined by author and design activist Kate Fletcher in 2007, urges a reconsideration of our choices.

Unlike fast fashion, slow fashion is all about taking the time to make sure things are made well, really valuing each piece, and thinking about how we connect with our environment. In the Philippines, more brands like Lily & Matilda are championing this approach. They’re not just into slow fashion for the trend but embed sustainability into the very “sole” and fabric of its business model.

Sustainability meets style

“We only produce two main collections annually,” shares the team of Lily & Matilda, as this approach is fueled by an awareness of the environmental impacts of production and minimizing waste and energy use. “We are committed to creating designs that are timeless enough to last fashion trends and seasons, pieces that are meant to stay in the closet for years and would still be good wear.”

Launched at the close of 2023, the Filipino brand targets a broad audience, celebrating women at every stage of life. “Our brand represents every woman—from the prom queen to the office newbie, to the bride and beyond,” the team shares, sharing images on their social media of customers donning their designs for various occasions including graduations, weddings, or simply everyday wear.

Photo courtesy of Lily & Matilda
Photo courtesy of Lily & Matilda

When asked about what sets Lily & Matilda apart, the answer is straightforward: the fusion of fashion, function, and affordability. Their classic designs not only resonate with a sense of enduring style but also empower wearers. Take, for instance, their well-loved classic platform line, fondly referred to as the “short girl solution.” “It’s amazing how a few extra inches can boost a woman’s confidence,” they add, highlighting the transformative power of their footwear.

Moreover, their high heels carry the names of world-renowned cities, paying homage to fashion capitals and destinations like New York, London, Monaco, Venice, Manila, Barca (short for Barcelona), among others. The brand also carries a variety of denimwear from jackets, shirts, skirts, and vests.

Insights into ethical manufacturing and consumption

Given the growing demand for transparency in the fashion industry, the newly launched label is forthcoming about its manufacturing processes. They partner with facilities that echo their commitment to ethical practices and sustainable material sourcing such as fair wages, safe working conditions and respect for workers’ rights. 

According to the brand, they’re continuously seeking ways to improve their process. They add, “We focus on using eco-friendly dyes, saving water, and cutting down on waste. Plus, we’re all about supporting production facilities that use the latest tech to boost efficiency and shrink our carbon footprint.” This dedication to transparency is fundamental for building trust with conscious consumers who are increasingly making informed choices about where and how their clothes are made.

Like any emerging brand, Lily & Matilda has faced its share of hurdles. “Maintaining consistent quality during scaling production has been challenging,” the team admits. They’ve tackled this by optimizing their supply chain and embracing innovative production techniques that help manage costs and maintain high quality.

For those aspiring to support sustainable brands, Lily & Matilda advises focusing on brands that are transparent and committed to ethical practices. “Embrace minimalist styling to reduce consumption. Invest in high-quality pieces that outlast trends,” they suggest, adding that classic cuts and neutral palettes can be effortlessly mixed, matched, and accessorized. “This is the essence of slow fashion, where each choice is deliberate and every piece holds a narrative.”

For more information, visit Lily & Matilda’s official website. Follow them on Instagram.

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