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How You Can Get Radiant Skin Like Jennie Kim

Dr. Young Cho created a 12-week skincare program inspired by Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK. Photo Courtesy of Hernel Korean Aesthetic Clinic

Captivated by the South Korean idol’s radiant skin? Here’s how you can get a routine inspired by the singer-actress through Hernel Korean Aesthetic Clinic

The waves of Hallyu have spread far and wide, eventually starting trends in beauty and fashion lifted from Korean drama series to the reverberating visuals of K-pop idols have made marks worldwide. In the last decade, Korean beauty, has popularized plenty of skincare and makeup trends that were viral, widely adopted, and reinterpreted across different parts of the world.

From the intricate 10-step skincare regimen to double cleansing, a diligent application of double SPF, and the hydrating method of skin flooding, these routines have become a familiar sight across social media platforms. The fascination with the elusive, radiant “glass skin” like that of Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK has also spurred an interest in sheet masks and skin-brightening treatments.

In the Philippines, the allure and benefits of these Korean beauty treatments remained through a remote fascination, mostly accessible through products. Even with many local medical aesthetic clinics adopting modern treatments inspired by Hallyu, Dr. Young Cho, founder of Hernel Korean Aesthetic Clinic, felt the need to establish a center in the heart of Bonifacio Global City. In this hub, the South Korean dermatologist envisioned K-beauty enthusiasts to experience first-hand the benefits of their version of skincare closer to home.

The warm interiors of Hernel Aesthetic Clinic in Bonifacio Global City
Inside, you’ll be greeted by the warm interiors of the clinic in Bonifacio Global City. Photo courtesy of Hernel Aesthetic Clinic

As an authentic Korean medical aesthetic clinic in the country, the center embodies Dr. Cho’s expertise, dedication, and vast knowledge in the field of his home country’s beauty industry. Aside from bringing coveted skin treatments to Manila, Hernel also offers a myriad of signature services that extend from facials such as Kayser Method Skin Toning to the latest sought-after treatments like Shurink and LHALA Peel, an exfoliation treatment combining Lipohydroxy acid (LHA), alkali, and lipids, that can tone, boost, and rejuvenate skin reminiscent of your favorite Korean personalities.

“The introduction of Hernel to the Philippines represents a commitment that goes beyond the mere importation of Korean aesthetics programs,” says Dr. Cho during the opening of the medical aesthetic clinic. 

The warm interiors of Hernel Aesthetic Clinic in Bonifacio Global City
You can experience Korean beauty treatments without flying to South Korea. Photo courtesy of Hernel Korean Aesthetic Clinic

He also emphasized that the clinic is on a mission to “elevate the beauty and wellness experience for Filipinos by seamlessly blending authentic Korean expertise with the insights of K-beauty visionaries, essentially bringing a touch of Seoul to Manila.”

Among the highly-coveted services from the brand’s VIP Package is a 12-week regimen inspired by Jennie Kim, promising a glow akin to the star herself. Depending on the timeline you prefer, the regimen can also be shortened to 3 or 8 weeks. The treatment involves a mix of Hernel’s signature services like Chanel, a cocktail of essential vitamins and minerals to boost the production of collagen; Sonography Skin Care Treatment, a non-invasive treatment for firm skin; and Genesis Toning, an advanced treatment to even out skin tone.

With over a year of service in the Philippines to his credit, Dr. Cho remains committed to providing personalized consultations and delivering procedures tailored to suit Filipino skin types and lifestyles. The South Korean dermatologist aims to leverage his K-beauty expertise to help clients achieve the best possible results and realize their desired look.

Hernel Korean Aesthetic Clinic is located at the GF, Seibu Tower, 6th Ave Corner 24th St, BGC. For more information, follow them on Instagram.

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