Rachelle Bravo Shares the Ideology Behind Her Brand’s Success
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Rachelle Bravo Shares the Ideology Behind Her Brand’s Success

Photo by Karlo Torio

Standing at the helm of Filipino beauty brand NEW Lounge, Bravo sought to create impact through community

“I have this mission to create an impact in the lives of people. My intention is always about people, so I always put them first,” says Rachelle Bravo, founder of NEW Lounge. Community has always been a big contributor toward the success of the homegrown Filipino beauty brand. Since its inception in 2017, it has continued to grow through the different seeds planted by its founder throughout the years.

In discussions with her regarding the early development of her brand, she envisioned an ecosystem built through a high level of trust. This familial culture she established allowed for the relationships within her community to fully flourish. In line with her “people first” point of view, Bravo also sought to help the NEW Lounge community in their personal pursuits and goals as well.

“It always starts with getting to know the people first and really trying to also know how you can help them achieve their own personal goals. Not just your goal as an owner, but also allowing these people to be aligned with your vision for the company, and then seeing their growth inside,” says Bravo. Every member of the staff, regardless of position, have their stories heard. Contributing to their growth serves as a priority, and is what ultimately helps the brand cultivate a healthy environment.

Lifestyle Lashes by NEW Lounge Photo by Karlo Torio
Aurora Nails by NEW Lounge Photo by Karlo Torio

Apart from this mindset, its founder approached leadership in a way that mended both firmness and kindness. “Leadership is ruled by the mind, and nurturing is ruled through the heart,” adds Bravo. Striking this balance has been at the core of her methods and has influenced her direction throughout the years. Alongside this perspective, Bravo also attributes NEW Lounge’s growth in part to her husband, who has helped ground the beauty brand in its decision-making. This ethos was shown in full display at the height of COVID-19’s spread, wherein Bravo and her husband chose to retain a majority of the beauty brand’s workforce. This decision has paid dividends as the brand emerged from the pandemic, and is considered one of NEW Lounge’s greatest success stories to date.

As NEW Lounge continues to blossom, the brand sets its sight on Rodeo Drive in its expansion toward Los Angeles. Led with a nurturing environment fostered by Bravo, the beauty brand hopes to bring its ethos and values as it establishes its roots across the world.

Photo by Karlo Torio

NEW Lounge Beverly Hills is officially located at 421 N Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210. For more information, visit their website  and their Instagram profile.

Photography by Karlo Torio. Art Direction by Robert Bradly Hao and Andie Quintos. Styling by Jerald Ignacio. Makeup by Florence Vergara. Hair by Marian Onggayan. Produced by Ian Urmaza. Photographer’s Assistant: JF Calimag. Production Assistant: Leahkim Orsolino. Model: Rachel Bravo. Written by Gab Yap.

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