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“Pearls as Icons of Feminine Strength”: The Link Between Jewelry and The Divine Feminine

Solenn Heussaff is ensconced in a bath filled with lustrous South Sea pearls. Photo by Jewelmer

In their newest campaign, Jewelmer delves into the mysticism of the South Sea pearl and feminine power

In the tapestry of mythology, women deities and mythical beings command great veneration. Stretching back to ancient times, goddesses, heroines, and spirits were held in high esteem, entrusted with the protection and prosperity of their communities.

Fast forward to contemporary society, vestiges of these celestial entities persist in the modern psyche, finding expression through various channels such as art, fashion, and literature. A recurrent motif woven into these narratives is the Divine Feminine, akin to a woman in spirituality, encapsulating a supreme energy that interlaces the terrestrial with the divine.

In homage to this powerful symbol, jewelry brand Jewelmer created The Divine Feminine campaign that captures the ethos of feminine strength featuring French-Filipino artist Solenn Heussaff.

Solenn Heussaff wearing Jewelmer
Photo: @jewelmer
Solenn Heussaff wearing the sequins dangling earrings.
Photo: @jewelmer

The film unfolds with Heussaff ensconced in a bath filled with lustrous South Sea pearls. The ambience mirrors the gilt of the pearls with the Misterio de la Noche actress donning key pieces from Jewelmer’s fine jewelry collections. Standout pieces such as the Guimard necklace, the Sequins dangling earrings, along with the Les Classiques bracelet and ring make their respective appearances. According to the jewelry brand, the visuals are an “embodiment of every woman’s dream.”

“As symbols of natural beauty, pearls and women share a compelling connection. They are linked to the narratives of women throughout history and across cultures, with pearls as the quintessence of femininity,” says chief marketing officer Marion Branellec de Guzman.

She adds, “The Divine Feminine explores pearls as icons of feminine strength, diving deep into its enduring mystique. Its exquisite beauty and radiant luster have long been surrounded by myths and legends, from ancient goddesses to the powerful females of today.”

The jewelry brand also draws inspiration from Mother Nature, with Branellec de Guzman citing her as the universal symbol of continuous life. She adds, “[It’s] a culmination of 377 steps over five years of dedicated care. The South Sea pearl reflects Solenn’s profound strength, resilient nature, and inspirational journey.”

For more information, visit Jewelmer’s official website. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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