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Parisian Style Meets Playful Movement for the Debut of SPORT b. in the Philippines

Photo by Karlo Torio

Veteran fashion designer Agnès b. translates her sophisticated design language toward a brand that embraces the freedom of movement and spirit

Agnès b. (Agnès Andrée Marguerite Troublé) has always been intrigued by the uniqueness of her surroundings. Taking inspiration from diverse facets of culture, she had brought her eponymous fashion label to life through the grit of film noir, her love for music, and a penchant for art curation. Throughout her tenured career, the French fashion designer had developed collections of menswear that have graced the runways of fashion week and in boutiques across the world.

Nearly five decades since Agnès initially debuted her brand in Paris, she had spawned a number of lines that pay homage to the menagerie of influences that have guided her. Among her most recent developments is SPORT b., an upbeat take on the designer’s collections. Agnès’ new fashion label sports an emblem with a dinosaur (DINO.) drawn in a comical style, drawing breath from her grandchildren’s favorite childhood toys. This lends itself toward the brand’s more free-flowing direction with pieces that reflect a more playful and loose style of clothing.

For the local release of SPORT b. In the Philippines, the brand highlights ten items among its up and coming Essential collection as a prelude toward their official launch.

Photo by Karlo Torio

Men’s SPORT b. Pop Art Dino Tee

In punchy form and an unapologetic attitude, SPORT b. harnesses the elements of pop art for one of its essentials. Coming in a black base the shirt showcases its Dino sketched in a powder print effect, with its graphic in a palette of neon greens and bright pinks.

Photo by Karlo Torio

Dino Print Dress

Originally designed for the brand’s “Art of Sound” collection, the Dino Print Dress  the Dino emblem scattered in a turquoise that contrasts with the garment’s blue base. Among its distinguishing features are its stand collar, and a series of ten white buttons that give the dress the appearance of a lengthened polo top.

Photo by Karlo Torio

Square Collared Shirt in Black-and-White Stripes

Among the shirt’s most distinct visual elements is an angular collar in a square shape, adding to the boxiness of its silhouette. The shirt is also enveloped in horizontal black stripes that wrap around the top’s white base.

Photo by Karlo Torio

Women’s SPORT b. Reversible Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket initially presents itself in a matte black finish, with pockets at its side that are pinned by a pair of white buttons. The back of the jacket also features the brand’s Dino that is fully embroidered in a black fabric. When reversed, the jacket displays the SPORT b. Logo in an all-over print that provides a subtle shine to its texture.

Photo by Karlo Torio

SPORT b. Sketchy Dino Tee

A simple, white t-shirt in a relaxed fit that is made entirely with cotton. Its graphic reveals a multi-layered, velvet puff effect that gives depth to the shirt’s overall appearance.

Photo by Karlo Torio

Arrow Dino Tee

The Arrow Dino Tee is another top that favors more relaxed and loose cuts. At its center is the brand’s signature emblem, with it being taped over in a glossy texture that resembles the shape of an arrow. The shirt also releases in three color variations, in neon green, in black, and in a multi-color variation.

Photo by Karlo Torio

SPORT b. Stand Collar Jacket

Another article of clothing pulled from the “Art of Sound” collection, the Stand Collar Jacket is a piece that reflects a rebellious yet confident nature. To add to its dimensions are a variety of pockets that line its chest area. The jacket also comes alongside a packable hood and an elastic cord that give the piece of outerwear a more functional element.

Photo by Karlo Torio

Dino Couple Bracelet

Enveloped in a cool, metallic hue, the Dino Couple Bracelet is held together by its multiple chain links. The bracelet is developed in stainless steel, while also featuring a band that has the Dino pattern and the SPORT b. Logo debossed across its face.

Photo by Karlo Torio

Agnès b. Logo “Sweet Heart” Earrings

Made with love, the token pair of earrings are made in the shape of a heart. Subtly tucked away within its details is the Agnès b. logo engraved onto the piece of jewelry, that adds another facet toward its minimalist design.

Photo by Karlo Torio

“Rock Candy” Ring

The “Rock Candy” ring is a piece of regalia adorned in an 18K silver finish. Featuring a more curved, rounded edge, the ring also contains the Agnès b. insignia that is strewn across the jewelry’s circular surface.

Photography by Karlo Torio. Art Direction by Andie Quintos. Produced by Robert Bradly Hao. Photographer’s Assistant: JF Calimag. Production Assistants: Ian Urmaza, Leahkim Orsolino. Written by Gab Yap.

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