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New Lounge Celebrates the Heart and Soul Behind its Success

Photo courtesy of New Lounge

The homegrown Filipino beauty brand highlights the stories of their eyelash specialists and their journey of expansion to Los Angeles

In 2017, Rachelle Bravo founded her own beauty brand. Six years after its debut, NEW Lounge sets its sights on expanding to the City of Angels. In its latest campaign, the beauty and wellness brand pays respect to the nine specialists who were instrumental to its success. Of these nine pioneers, three specific stories serve as the core of “The Heart of NEW Lounge.”

New Lounge Lash Specialist Argie Cataluna Photo by JL Javier

Argie Cataluna spent her formative years selling vegetables and brooms with her grandmother in the province. Seeking better opportunities, she moved to Manila where she built her beauty career alongside NEW Lounge. Having encountered challenges like covering a family member’s major surgery, she sought the help of her colleagues who supported her throughout the entire operation. During her tenure, she was able to establish herself as a Quality Assurance Manager and a Senior Lash Artist, co-creating the Icon Lashes and PH Exclusive Volume alongside fellow specialist Angelica Salcedo.

New Lounge Lash Specialist Denelyn Sobremisana Photo by JL Javier

Denelyn Sobremisana served as one of the main breadwinners for her family after the passing of her father to provide help for her siblings. First joining NEW Lounge in 2018, she has built her name as the mind behind the brand’s Lifestyle Lashes and has mentored and led a lot of old and new Eyelash Specialists in NEW Lounge. Currently, Denelyn continues her growth as a Quality Assurance Manager and as a Senior Lash Artist.

New Lounge Lash Specialist Jhemarie Demeterio Photo by JL Javier

Similar to the other Eyelash Artists featured in the campaign, Jhemarie Demeterio was a working student based outside the capital city. In order to finish her studies, she took on the opportunity to work for NEW Lounge at a young age. Since then, she has become one of the brand’s key artists as one of the persons that helped NEW Lounge pivot their operations during pandemic (leading the Mobile Eyelash in NCR). Her proven mastery in the art of eyelash extensions allowed her to design the Everyday Lashes. A veteran in her field, Jhemarie also hopes to use her experience to educate and mentor aspiring Eyelash Specialists to follow in her footsteps.

These heartfelt narratives are both tales of triumph and as a testament to NEW Lounge’s commitment to quality and the empowerment of its team. Each story reflects a brand deeply rooted in its Filipino heritage, but also ready to embrace the world. These specialists serve as the brand’s true inspiration, paving the way for the success and support of notable clients in Heart Evangelista, Bryanboy, and Jessica Yang.

As the brand turns six, this campaign encapsulates NEW Lounge’s spirit of resilience and the power of their community. These values are not only central to its success but also integral to the stories of each of their specialists. As NEW Lounge embarks on its journey to Los Angeles, their dreams are intertwined with the brand’s mission–to bring their beauty and wellness expertise toward a global audience.

The New Lounge Lash Specialists Team Photo by JL Javier

Visit their website at www.newloungeph.com. You may also check out their social media sites: NEW Lounge on Facebook and @newlounge.ph and @newlounge.us on Instagram.

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