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What You Need to Know About Ultrasound Facial Treatments

Photo courtesy of SpectruMed™

This is your sign to love the skin you’re in.

The natural decline of the skin’s collagen production cannot ever be prevented. Cheekbones and jawlines appear less defined, puffiness around the eyes become more pronounced, and furrowed brows develop. But alas, the biotechnology geniuses have come through with no-knife options in addressing these intractable signs of skin laxity.

Enter the ultrasound “tweakment” procedures, more commonly known as non-surgical treatments, that draw on the skin’s ability to heal itself, therefore, gradually lifting the chin and neck, and blurring wrinkles and fine lines.

Although commonly associated with expectant mothers, the ultrasound technology has long been used in clinical dermatology for more than 40 years. It has continued to grow in popularity since. Yet, to this day, there are still misconceptions about how it works that stand in the way of men and women who would like to take advantage of such a non-invasive facial treatment.

To lay everything on the line, SpectruMed—the leading provider of state-of-the-art skin-lifting technologies like Sofwave™—got in touch with Dr. Arisa Ortiz, a Harvard-trained dermatologist and director of laser and cosmetic dermatology at UC San Diego Health.

Below, Dr. Ortiz answers the most frequently asked questions about ultrasound facials for skin lifting and tightening.

Are all ultrasound facial treatments the same?

False. According to Dr. Ortiz, not all energy-based tweakments are created equal. There are some that claim to achieve longer-lasting results by going deeper into the layers of the skin. “Clinically, I would say that doing so doesn’t necessarily produce better results,” she notes. “Those devices rather cause more pain and an increased risk for nerve injury, which can ultimately lead to temporary paralysis.”

This led her to the conclusion that because such treatments are painful, patients opt not to do them again. “With Sofwave™, patients are much happier,” she says.

In as fast as 30 minutes, Sofwave™ safely targets one layer of the skin to cause controlled thermal injury, and works on facial muscles to blur fine lines and lift eyebrows.

Is the Sofwave™ ultrasound facial treatment painful?

Photo courtesy of SpectruMed

“No,” Dr. Ortiz states, explaining that Sofwave™ triggers the body’s natural healing response and delivers ultrasound energy only at a 1.5-millimeter depth. “That’s where the dermis is, where you get the optimal collagen remodeling.”

Using the proprietary SUPERB™ technology, ultrasound energy passes through the skin’s surface (the epidermis) to heat the mid-dermal tissue, rejuvenating collagen fibers and improving the overall appearance of the skin.

The energy is delivered in a cylindrical pattern parallel to that of the epidermis. “So, clinically, that means [the ultrasound energy] doesn’t cause any downtime or any disruption to the epidermis. There’s no swelling, no risk of hyperpigmentation, and no redness. There is no injury done to the outer layer of the skin,” she further adds.

Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona using the Sofwave. Photo Courtesy of SkinCell

Do I need multiple treatment sessions to see results?

Typically, energy-based facial treatments require more than one session to get noticeably reduced fine lines and wrinkles, as well as lifted brows. Dr. Ortiz, however, recommends only one Sofwave™ treatment for these reproducible results. “You do it only once a year, but if you want more improvement, you can do another one in 3 months.”

Frequently doing treatments on the face and neck, the dermatologist elaborates that “[neck] tightening is very impressive [after one session]. I also see a lot of great eyelid lift. Really, overall tightening and lifting for any area of the face.”

Sofwave™’s effects, however, do not stop at facial treatments alone. In 2022, Sofwave™ has been approved by the FDA for the improvement of cellulite and can treat all areas of the body affected with cellulite.

SpectruMed is the trusted partners of all the clinics in the Philippines, always committed to being the first to bring innovative devices and treatments for Filipinos to enjoy.

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