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Nautical Precision Meets Urban Style for DOXA’s Newest Timepiece

Photo courtesy of DOXA

The SUB 300β Sharkhunter is a watch that feels equally at ease on an ocean dive or on a daring night out

The first few iterations of the newly invented wristwatch were often delicate and pampered within the confines of coat pockets. Having lived most of their short shelf lives in padded environments, many of these wristwatches ended up in depots and ash heaps as a result of their fragility. Over the years, watchmakers have dedicated themselves to strengthening the fine intricacies of watch movements, with timepieces now being found on the battlefield, in space, and in the depths of the ocean floor. 

This fixation on durability had led to the birth of the dive watch, which now finds itself servicing the needs of explorers, navies, and professional divers. As a response to this fixation DOXA had released their SUB watch in the late 60’s, serving as a benchmark for modern dive watches due to its adaptability to depths of up to 300 meters. A first of its time, the watch was influenced by the US Navy’s technology, with its bezel utilizing two scales: an outer “depth” ring and an inner “minutes” ring.

Photo courtesy of DOXA

More than fifty years after the timepiece’s debut, the Swiss watchmaker reinvented one of its classics through the release of the SUB 300β Sharkhunter. Apart from retaining the pure functionalities of its predecessor, the Sharkhunter is defined by having a more stylish flair to its design. In a two-tone finish, its exterior is enveloped in a matte black ceramic case that contrasts against gold highlights on its hand and indexes—with the watch’s bezel and crown also molded in 18K gold. 

Alongside its sleeker coating, the timepiece has been reworked with a slimmer exterior that features a lowered bezel height compared to the original SUB 300T. Moving inward, the Sharkhunter is guarded by a pressure-resistant titanium container that protects its inner machinations, alongside a scratch-resistant crystal that adds to its durability. The timepiece features a Swiss automatic movement that provides a power reserve of approximately 38 hours, allowing for no-stop dives during explorations of the sea floor. 

Commemorating its predecessor’s sea-worthy history, the DOXA SUB 300β Sharkhunter builds its own identity all while maintaining the reliability of the original silhouette. 56 years after the SUB 300T’s debut, DOXA releases the Sharkhunter in limited quantities. 

Photo courtesy of DOXA

The Sub 300 Beta Collection is now available at Doxa Watches points of sale, and on the official DOXA Watches e-commerce platform.

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