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Manila’s Dining Scene Teams Up For The Singleton Social

Courtesy of Singleton Philippines

Alongside the award winning whisky brand, The Singleton, Manila’s elite chefs come together to discover new ways to enjoy single malts. 

Visitors and homegrown locals of Manila are ready for bolder, fresher dining experiences. We’ve seen this through the influx of new restaurants debuting with imaginative concepts: Salcedo Village’s Kobe Jones launched with a menu honoring traditional European and Japanese cuisine with a contemporary flair, and Chef Christina Sunae debuted Sunae Asian Cantina with Filipino classics integrated with Latin American twists. Amidst the interesting boom of Manila’s F&B industry, one can’t help but ask—what’s next?

Award-winning single malt Scotch whisky brand, The Singleton, had that question in mind when they collaborated with Manila’s elite chefs to curate new taste experiences with their very own whisky. Chefs of restaurants like Ikomai Tochi, Nikkei, Xi by Cafe Guilt, Kobe Jones, and Sunae Asian Cantina to name a few, teamed up with the whisky brand and launched The Singleton Social. Through this, everyone is given the opportunity to discover and taste Scotch whisky in different ways while exploring the city’s vibrant dining scene.

Courtesy of Singleton Philippines
Courtesy of Singleton Philippines

Unlike most single malts, The Singleton is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated any way you like—there’s no single way to have it. Food entrepreneur and renowned mixologist, Erwan Heussaff, echoes this. He tells Vogue Philippines how The Singleton’s whisky can open endless possibilities in exquisite dining experiences shared with good friends and great moments: “A lot of people don’t necessarily pair whisky with food, but whisky has a certain tartness to it, a certain power to it both on the palette and the smell.”

When The Singleton Social first launched, Poblacion’s Mijo Comfort Food was the first to set the stage. Introducing guests to endless flavor opportunities when enjoyed with The Singleton, Mijo Head Chef Enrique Moreno curated a special dinner menu for the night where all senses were heightened alongside sips of the new and exclusive, The Singleton Grapefruit Sour—an indulgent blend of lemon juice and grapefruit mixed with the sweet and nutty The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Years Old. “The Singleton has this way of complementing rich flavors of food. I think when we chose the menu, things like the sisig taco, which is deep fried, or the gindara, which is a relatively fatty fish, or the picanha which has a nice kind of fat cap on it, everything was rich in a way that was very refined and not overly rich. Then the whiskey just really comes in and balances out all these dishes and big flavors,” Erwan says. 

Courtesy of Singleton Philippines

Claude Delima, World Class Philippines’ Bartender of the Year 2022, details how the drink is perfect for enthusiasts and novices alike: “The Singleton is smooth & sweet, with hints of honey and fresh fruits.” Erwan agrees, as he would later cite the misconception that whisky is seen as a drink only appreciated if you have a trained palate, “But what I love about these kinds of whisky, like The Singleton, especially for a single malt, it tends to be on the sweeter side, has more caramel notes, spice notes—all things that, for people who have never really tried whiskey will get to enjoy.”

Each partner restaurant of The Singleton Social offers a unique drinks menu featuring three ways they can enjoy whisky. For those who want to capture the smooth and lusciously rich flavors of The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Years Old, they can order it neat or on the rocks. Those wanting a light, fruity drink can order the brand’s signature Plus Two cocktail: The Singleton Orchard. ​​The Plus Two formula mixes The Singleton with a still mixer and a sparkling mixer for a fruity and effervescent cocktail experience. Additionally, guests can also look forward to a third offering: a specially created The Singleton Plus Two cocktail serve, unique to the restaurant partner.

Interestingly, it seems like The Singleton is bent on helping anyone and everyone discover new ways to appreciate single malts, food, and most importantly, good times. “The Singleton Social celebrates dinner get-togethers and special occasions with those closest to you,” says Merell Beltran, Marketing Manager for Culture and Advocacy at Diageo Philippines. “We talk about The Singleton as a whisky without a rulebook—there are so many ways to enjoy it.”

Courtesy of Singleton Philippines

Immerse yourself in Manila’s vibrant dining scene and discover infinite ways to delight your palate with The Singleton Social. See the growing list of restaurants part of The Singleton Social and follow the @thesingletonphilippines on Instagram for updates. Drink responsibly. Visit the site to learn more about alcohol facts.

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