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Manila’s Culinary Scene is a Melting Pot of Local and Global Tastes

Photo courtesy of Metrobank

Take a tour through some of Manila’s prominent culinary destinations through the Metrobank World Mastercard

The culinary landscape of the Philippines is marked by a blend of styles throughout the country’s rich history of food. The centuries have seen indigenous flavors being led in a dance between elements of Spanish, Asian, and Malay influences, culminating in a gastronomic identity that is distinct from other global delicacies. The local cuisine is often an infusion of various elements, similar to how the Lechon or Empanada take to our Spanish roots, or how the Lumpia is made through ingredients bartered from neighboring traders.

As the country’s culinary scene evolves, the combination of techniques, traditions, and ingredients from different cultures continues to pass down from one flavor profile to another. In mending local tastes to a more cosmopolitan palate, fusion and multi-cuisine restaurants have become common among the growing cityscape. This exploration of diverse flavors is among the many options accessible using the newly refreshed Metrobank World Mastercard, featuring a curated selection of restaurants for each card holder. 

Marriott Cafe

Marriott Café Marriott Hotel Manila Photo Courtesy of Metrobank

Positioned at the heart of the Marriott Hotel in Manila, the Marriott Café is a buffet that caters toward both the connoisseur and the casual diner. The all-day dining space features an open theater kitchen that prepares each dish live, with a spread of both Filipino and international, European cuisines. Until the 31st of March, members are entitled to fares at a reduced 20% when dining at the café.

Cafe 1228

Cafe 1228 New World Makati Photo Courtesy of Metrobank

A fusion of Western and Asian fare serve as the defining characteristic of Café 1228’s dining experience. Nestled within the halls of New World Makati, the café offers a buffet that is highlighted by stations of cured meat, fresh seafood, and East Asian delicacies. Powered by the card, diners at Café 1228 are granted access to a reduced rate of up to 50%  across its menu.

Mgyuu Steaks

Mgyuu Steaks Taguig Photo courtesy of Metrobank

For more carnivorous cravings, Mgyuu is a steakhouse that prides itself on its tender, generously-portioned cuts of meat. Decorated in a rustic and industrial interior, the Taguig staple has established itself as a go-to destination for steak enthusiasts, providing them with a wide variety of steaks from across the world, with wagyu, tomahawk, and angus cuts. Card holders are also entitled toward a reduction of 50% when purchasing each of Mgyuu’s wide selection of steak items. 

Each of these epicurean spaces are accessible through deals under Metrobank’s newly relaunched Metrobank World Mastercard. Whether seeking local or global tastes, card holders open up new opportunities to explore the world’s culinary landscape, revealing a plethora of options to satisfy any craving.

Apply for the Metrobank World Mastercard today at apply.metrobank.com.ph/creditcard.

For dining promos, cardholders may check the Metrobank Website > Promos for more details.

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