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Future of Medical Aesthetics: Belo Reveals their Cutting-edge Approach to Skincare

Photo courtesy of Belo

The beauty and wellness clinic highlights the use of radiofrequency with its latest skin treatment

Throughout different eras of civilization, humanity has indulged in finding different ways to enhance beauty. With using incense oils to soften skin and black paint as an early form of eyeliner, beauty has been well ingrained in our culture before the development of modern cosmetics. 

With each year, the realm of aesthetics continues to evolve. Finding practices that are both enduring and future-proof have been the goal for generations of aestheticians until now.

In an attempt to remedy this, Belo has established itself as a medical aesthetic clinic that specializes in technologically advanced skincare treatments. Among their latest developments, Belo has brought in the Virtue RF as one of their leading non-invasive treatments.  

Photo courtesy of Belo

The Virtue RF treatment generates small channels deep under the skin, boosting natural collagen production through the process of microneedling. The clinic also focuses on delivering radiofrequency at the proper depths, encouraging both elastin and collagen remodeling. In this effect, the treatment hopes to improve skin tone and texture with smaller downtimes.

Having had a long standing partnership with the beauty clinic, multimedia personality Vice Ganda stars as the face of the Virtue RF’s latest campaign. As a pioneer in the entertainment industry, Vice had been chosen to spearhead Belo’s latest treatment as an advocate for the clinic since the beginning of her career. Titled “Of Vice and Virtue,” Belo aims to uphold commitment toward emerging beauty technology, encouraging their audience to try the Virtue RF as an innovative way to care for skin.

For more information, visit their website at www.belomed.com. You may also check out their social media: @belobeauty on Instagram.

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