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Fashion Forward: Huawei Blends Style and Sensibility for its Latest Watch

Photo by Jan Mayo

For the release of HUAWEI WATCH GT 4, the brand takes its first step in creating wearable tech with fashion in mind

Fashion has always been an extension of the self. With every layer, people envelop themselves in an image of their lifestyle and personality. Since then, both style and technology continue to adapt toward the need for self-expression, and the two mold themselves in various shapes and forms to mirror the life of its wearer. For many, handheld and wearable devices have already become fashion statements in themselves.

For Huawei, the tech company had already established itself in various fields including mobile and other smart devices. However, amidst a growing industry with developments in both hardware and software, the brand sought to expand beyond their scope and into the fashion sphere.

Photo by Jan Mayo

Modeled after the sleekness of the Grand Tourer (GT) supercar and the avant-garde, Huawei unveiled the WATCH GT 4. The visuals-led watch paves a new direction for the brand as their most fashion-forward timepiece. As a means to differentiate the WATCH GT 4 from its earlier iterations, the brand experimented with a new design language that incorporated classic timepieces in an evolved way.

Among the watch’s different variations, Huawei also highlights the WATCH GT 4’s green strap version. The green strap is made up of 70% ocean-recycled nylon in combination with recycled polyester from plastic bottles. In championing both style and sustainability, the strap serves as a reflection of Huawei’s efforts toward environmental protection. These initiatives help push toward a narrative that allows eco-friendliness, fashion, and technology to co-exist with one another.

JETRO RIVERO bodycon dress and ROBERT HIYAS blazer dress Photo by Jan Mayo
ANNIKA MAXINE corset and ACNE STUDIOS jacket Photo by Jan Mayo

In marrying form and function, the watch uses adaptability in the lens of style. Paired with a Huawei smartphone, the phone scans surfaces, fabrics, and clothing, replicating it as a pattern in a variety of styles across the WATCH GT 4’s face. Apart from this, the watch alongside its different variations allow for wearer’s to stand out as Huawei’s most visually appealing timepiece. With smooth steel casing and a variety of strap options, the WATCH GT 4 is designed to mirror any occasion as it adapts from hectic work days to lively nights out.

Alongside its stylish functionalities, the watch supports a healthy and active lifestyle. Huawei’s WATCH GT 4 features upgraded health tracking features, with the ability to better track heart and pulse rate, sleep, and calendar cycles. For the more active wearer, the watch also has the sensibilities to track various fitness programs, activity ratings, and running routes.

Photo by Jan Mayo
Photo by Jan Mayo

To better suit the needs of each wearer’s style, the watch is released in two distinct models with multiple versions. The larger, 46mm watch takes the most influence from the streamlined edge of the Grand Tourer, featuring an octagonal shape and in four distinct variations. Each comes in a stainless steel case, with the options to select matte black, green, brown leather, and steel finishes across the watch straps.

Alternatively, the 41mm model is a slimmer, more elegant variant of Huawei’s WATCH GT 4. The watch is unveiled in three options, influenced once again by the prominent features of classic timepieces. To pair with any outfit, the more slender watch is also available in neutral tones of black, white, and silver.

With its wide-spread influence in smart devices, Huawei takes on a new direction in empowerment through tech, style, and with a watch that can adapt to you, no matter the time.

Photo by Jan Mayo

Photography by Jan Mayo. Art Direction by Andie Quintos. Styling by Gee Jocson. Makeup by Janica Cleto. Hair by JA Feliciano. Produced by Ian Urmaza. Photographer’s Assistants: Myc Priestley, JV Rabano. Stylist’s Assistant: Jason Mago. Production Assistants: Bradly Hao, Leahkim Orsolino. Model: Raejell Roxas. Written by Gab Yap.

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