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Chivas Regal’s Golden Touch Graces The Vogue Man Philippines Launch

Photo by Michael Liwanag. Courtesy of Chivas Regal

Photo by Michael Liwanag. Courtesy of Chivas Regal

The Vogue Man Philippines launch party sought to share its vision in redefining fashion, grooming, and lifestyle for the modern gentleman

Sitting atop the city skyline lies the venue for the launch of Vogue Man Philippines, where names in the realm of fashion, design, sports, and media have gathered together to celebrate the brand’s first chapter. Held at the Peak Bar of the Grand Hyatt Manila, the occasion commemorated the release of its first issue, with the Vogue Man Philippines’ editor Danyl Geneciran and cover star Paolo Roldan fronting the historic occasion. 

Apart from the names and faces seen at the launch, the stonewalled interior of the venue was reimagined in Chivas Regal’s golden codes. The setting was taken over by the Scotch spirit house, with scenes depicting their emblem being either mounted or shone by projectors across the bar’s pillars. Bottles of whisky were also placed to decorate the setup of each table, with each bottle being adorned with gold jewelry in the form of chain links, necklaces, and rings draped across the amber-colored spirit. 

Photo by Ed Simon

The night was met with free-flowing drinks blended with the house’s signature Scotch Whisky, resulting in three cocktails unique to the Vogue Man launch. The first of which was the Chivas Noir, which was an edgier, spirit forward beverage that is contrasted against more playful ingredients like cherry heering, sugar syrup, and an orange and cherry garnish. The Chivas Regal Rush offered more energy and zest as a cocktail, with a mixture containing 12-year old basil leaves, brown sugar, and a combination of ginger ale and lime juice that added a more sweet and mildly spicy aftertaste. The concoction of lemon, honey water, and guava juice give the tropical Chivas Gold Flex its name, which is all built upon a base of Chivas Regal XV 15 Year Old Scotch whisky that adds depth to the final cocktail’s flavor profile. 

At the height of the evening, editor Danyl Geneciran and Vogue Philippines’ publisher Rhoda Campos-Aldanese held a toast that commemorated the title’s first milestone. Leading the toast, Danyl imparted a final message: “For Vogue Man Philippines, we hope to reflect our vision and our commitment to spotlighting our local designers, artisans and visionaries who are shaping the creative industries in our country.”

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