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Chanel’s New Holiday Collection is a Nod to Timeless Glamour

Photo by Artu Nepomuceno

For the holiday season Chanel Beauty takes you back to the glitz and glam of the past century

The twenties marked the emergence of cultural vibrancy in the Western world. At its height, the era experienced a renaissance of its own in the fields of fashion and beauty. Led by the tubulars and sequins, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel sought to expand beyond the limits of her fashion house and into the world of cosmetics.

Since the launch of Chanel’s first collection of powder and lipstick in 1924, the label has produced beauty lines that continue to transcend time. Spurred by the creative elements of the Art Deco movement, Chanel releases its new holiday 2023 collection inspired by the highlights of the twenties.

Siobhan wears a MICH DULCE wrap corset and BAGFUL OF GLITTER earrings Photo by Artu Nepomuceno

Lumière Graphique

In five distinct shades, the Lumière Graphique features a unique set of eyeshadows inspired by the luster of Coco Chanel’s first set of dresses. The eyeshadow comes in a more glistening color palette, ranging from platinum beige, bronze, shimmering black, rose gold, and diamond white. 

Duo Lumière

The Duo Lumière includes two illuminating powders designed to create a radiant glow across the face. Each powder is embossed with a sequin-inspired motif, with the pair coming in a crystal white and a pink champagne color.

Rouge Allure L’extrait

Reinterpreted with the jazz singer look in mind, the Rouge Allure L’extrait is a lipstick that pays homage to the bold nature of its time. The lipstick comes in a new limited-edition case and is adorned with a golden trim. Known for its high-intensity shades, the Rouge Allure L’extrait initially debuted in four colors. The collection releases with Midnight Red in a more metallic finish, Roaring Purple being in a shimmering crimson, Beige Brut highlighting a light pink beige, and Rouge Puissant as a powerful shade of red.

Rouge Allure Laque

Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque is a liquid base lipstick that provides intense color and a bright, satin-like finish. The lipstick is available in two shades: a Golden Beige that mimics golden corals, and Fancy Prune featuring a metallic plum hue. 

Le Vernis

Le Vernis is a nail polish fashioned in the Art Deco style. The holiday collection features three hues of bolder and more sultry colors with the release of its White Silk, Tuxedo, and Sequin black colorways.

Sublimage Le Concentré Lumière

Among one of Chanel’s selection of highlights, the Sublimage Le Concentré Lumière provides luster and shine across the face. 

Sublimage La Crème

A staple in the Sublimage beauty line, the Sublimage La Crème is a facial cream that defines a clearer complexion. Using the properties of the Vanilla Planifolia plant, the cream uses the plant as an active ingredient for higher efficacy and more noticeable results.

Photography by Artu Nepomuceno. Art Direction by Andie Quintos. Styling by Jason Mago of Gee Jocson Studio. Makeup by Janica Cleto. Hair by JA Feliciano. Produced by Ian Urmaza. Photographer’s Assistants: Choi Narciso, Rojan Maguyon. Talent: Siobhan Moylan. Written by Gabriel Yap

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