Carla Regin Unveils the Truth About Starting BAREBONE
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Underneath It All: Carla Regin’s Insights on Why She Started BAREBONE

Photographed by Dan Fugrad. Photo courtesy of BAREBONE

Finding the “perfect” bra can be a struggle among women. Sharing this challenge, Carla Regin found a way to cover all bases by creating her own undergarment brand.

The no-bra movement, with roots in feminist history, champions freedom from restrictive undergarments. This evolution from constricting corsets spotlighted the desire for a breakaway from traditional underwear, notably through initiatives of Lina Esco championing bodily autonomy and “No Bra Day” on October 13 for breast cancer awareness.

The pandemic further propelled this dialogue, with stay-at-home orders prompting women to reconsider the need for conventional bras. The shift favored less restrictive undergarments, highlighting ongoing discussions about comfort and liberation from societal norms.

Carla Regin, who spent most of her teenage to adult life searching for the comfiest bra, longed to break free from this enduring restriction and discomfort. “I started wearing bras when I was 12. It felt like there was something tight and restricting, like something’s pulling at my back and between my breasts. I hated it,” confesses Regin. Yet, she knew that adapting to her changing body meant embracing a daily discomfort, a sentiment shared by women across the globe. This very struggle seeded the inception of BAREBONE, an undergarment brand composed of silicone bras and pasties.

Uncovering the entrepreneurial spark

It all started in 2019. Regin and her husband, football player Kevin Ingreso, made the move to Thailand. Initially dabbling in a franchise business, she soon realized that it didn’t satisfy her. She was longing to create something personal and impactful. “I needed a venture that resonated with my identity,” she reflects.

As any entrepreneur would—creating solutions to every problem—Regin created her first patented design of silicone pasties called the Moonshape. The timing coincided with the global COVID-19 lockdowns, during which many women started embracing a braless lifestyle, acknowledging the health benefits of the movements. These include improved circulation and reduced neck pain. Carla’s product offered a timely solution, balancing comfort with modesty and style.

Photo courtesy of BAREBONE
Photo courtesy of BAREBONE

The silicone undergarments didn’t just address the shortcomings of existing silicone bras and pasties, such as poor adhesive longevity and limited style or color options, but it also offered solutions tailored to diverse body shapes and skin tones. BAREBONE’s range expanded to include Boob Tape, Boobie Trap, pasties in Filipino and HueMatch shades, and Snatched Up, challenging the status quo of one-size-fits-all. 

This roster caters to an extensive clientele base and draws attention from local celebrities such as Anne Curtis, Max Collins, Bela Padilla, and fashion designer Boom Sason. Eventually, the brand expanded its business to ship internationally. “In truth, being a woman in the business industry offers numerous advantages. Women understand women’s needs profoundly,” declares Regin. 

An exposure to challenges and aspirations

Navigating the sphere as a woman-led business added layers of complexity yet provided unique insights into female consumer needs. In Regin’s world, it’s the importance of balance and dedication to the business and her family that keeps her going. “It requires meticulous planning. It’s about committing wholeheartedly to your passion and the long-term vision you hold.”

Photographed by Dan Fugrad. Photo courtesy of BAREBONE

Despite BAREBONE’s soaring popularity, challenges arose as any business would experience. Regin faced the theft of her patented Moonshape design by overseas competitors in March, an issue that underscored the imperative of protecting intellectual property. It’s a battle she fights with resolve, offering straightforward advice to fellow entrepreneurs: “Choose an industry where you can dedicate yourself passionately and persevere through challenges.”

Looking ahead, Regin envisions a brighter future for women in business, emphasizing the need for policies that support work-life balance and a culture that values women’s contributions. “I want to see a world where women are empowered to lead, innovate, and support each other. It’s about creating a legacy that values inclusivity and integrity,” she shares, emphasizing that her vision is to transcend mere profitability by encouraging women to embrace their bodies with confidence and make informed choices about their undergarments.

For more information, visit BAREBONE’s official website. Follow them on Instagram.

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