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Breadth of View: How Oppo Captures New Angles to Smartphone Design

Photo by Jan Mayo

OPPO is a brand that has built its name on innovative, high-quality technology, catering to users’ varied lifestyles and points of view.

What we see is tied to how we perceive the world. In modern times, part of the way we view life is through the lens of our phone displays. With how integrated they have become in the lives of many, the value of the screen directly ties to broadening perspectives. From scrolling through social media platforms to taking photos of different moments, the phone’s display has  an invaluable role in capturing life and its best moments.

For OPPO’s latest release, their new smartphone unfolds in a statement of style, a more seamless and intuitive experience from cover screen. Staying true to its mantra of “Inspiration Ahead,” OPPO’s products are infused with the idea of confidence in moving forward. As such, the Find N3 series is their answer to the rise of foldable smartphones – particularly the OPPO Find N3 Flip – serving as a callback to the designs of phones in the early 2000’s.

With its previous iteration, the Find N2 Flip, the smartphone was a game changer in the industry, then featuring the largest cover screen in any flip phone. The Find N3 Flip builds on its previous success by once again emphasizing how fashion and technology when combined the right way, can elevate the experience of users like never before.

Photo by Jan Mayo
Photo by Jan Mayo

The improved vertical cover screen is one of the highlights of their latest device, hosting more enhancements across its display. The Find N3 Flip allows for users to access and use multiple apps without the need to unfurl its cover. Among its more intuitive visual elements, the smartphone’s camera system is fully encased in the cosmos ring design.

The hallmark of OPPO’s foldable tech is their industry-leading Flexion Hinge. This design language enables a sleek and seamless look without compromising on quality and durability. The improved Flexion Hinge also boasts the ability to withstand up to 600,000 folds, more than any flip phone out in the market today.

The Find N3 Flip utilizes an industry-first triple camera system to fully capture life through its lenses. They once again bring Hasselblad-powered cameras to the forefront of the smartphone’s newest system. Its system touts a 50MP primary camera, a 48MP ultra-wide camera, and a 32MP portrait lens with higher resolutions compared to the brand’s previous model.

Photo by Jan Mayo

The vertical cover screen also acts as a mirrored preview for any picture taken through the phone’s camera. This allows for hands-free photography at more stylish angles through FlexForm mode.

“Without a doubt, OPPO has raised the bar for foldable smartphones through constant innovation,” said Joanarc Sales, Head of Public Relations and CRM of OPPO Philippines. “The new Find N3 Flip takes things a step further in design, imaging, and technological innovations, making it truly the gold standard of flagship flip phones.”

To learn more about the OPPO Find N3 Flip, visit their official website.

Photography by Jan Mayo. Art Direction byAndie Quintos. Styling by Ian Rey of Gee Jocson Studio. Makeup by Bea Mocorro. Hair by JA Feliciano. Produced by Ian Urmaza. Photographer’s Assistants:Myc Priestley, Celina Dy Lim. Production Assistants: Bradly Hao, Leahkim Orsolino. Talent: Justine Llarena.

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