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A Home Away From Home: Tommy Hilfiger Brings us Closer to Family this Fall 2023

Photo courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Hilfiger’s Fall 2023 campaign brings together fashion, music, and family in a celebration of Americana

Seeking kinship is a common thread that is shared throughout every stage of life. Regardless of age or generation, people long for relationships that they could call their own. Growing older, they tend to branch out from their preconceived notions of the nuclear family. They find love, passion, and solidarity, and open themselves up to others in heartfelt vulnerability past their blood ties. 

For Tommy Hilfiger, the fashion brand hopes to find these common threads and link people in ways beyond the traditional family. Throughout nearly four decades the brand has built close relationships with prominent figures in different industries. Most notably, Tommy Hilfiger has had close ties to music, with their latest Fall 2023 campaign featuring multi-award winning producer Quincy Jones, singer SZA, and K-Pop band Stray Kids.

An embodiment of the non-traditional family, Korean boy band Stray Kids stands at the helm of Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2023 campaign in Asia. Five years since their debut in 2018, the eight member group continues to leave an imprint on the global music industry with their high-octane, hip-hop-influenced melodies.

Photo courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger
Photo courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

To further spotlight the families Tommy Hilfiger has built, the brand has come together to release their Fall 2023 campaign. Each video underlines the non-traditional family, featuring co-cast members, bands, and friend groups with diverse lives and backgrounds. In being a “home away from home”, the videos showcase each of their deep rooted bonds in places where they go to really be together. Away from the pressures of daily life, each family finds themselves in spaces where they can be safe, vulnerable, and at home in each other’s company.

Approaching the holiday season, each person celebrates the people important to them. Tommy Hilfiger now releases their new Fall 2023 collection to capture the warm and homey feeling of being surrounded by family. 

Outerwear serves as the center of  Tommy Hilfiger’s current campaign, highlighting the reimagining of the Tommy Tartan, created in the year 2000. The pattern is seen throughout the collection, appearing as shapes on their varsity bombers, puffers, shirts, hats, and scarves. The Tommy Tartan is included in two remixes for the Fall collection, both based on the house’s original codes of red, white, and blue.

To learn more about Tommy Hilfiger’s latest Fall 2023 collection, visit their website.

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