A Companion for Urban and Off-Road Adventures, the Range Rover Sport Marries Utility and Design
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A Companion for Urban and Off-Road Adventures, the Range Rover Sport Marries Utility and Design

Photo courtesy of Land Rover

The Range Rover Sport updates its form and function that makes it versatile for any occasion on and off the road

Manila’s roads and expressways are crowded with SUVs and sedans that all look similar to one another, often blending into the gray concrete that line the city streets. Much like with fashion, cars can also be seen as a tool for self-expression, transcending functionality with makes and models that can represent the lifestyle of its owner. A series of vehicles built for both high-performance and aesthetic appeal, Range Rovers have been associated with effortless cool, also serving as a statement piece both on and off the road. 

In contrast to the sleekness and aerodynamic frames of most sports cars, off-road vehicles are often large, bulky, and strictly performance-driven. Despite this, a number of manufacturers have committed themselves to marrying both design and utility for its larger sport vehicles. Among them, Land Rover continues to innovate on a visual front while modernizing the functionalities of its Range Rover line, while implementing an air of luxury across both its exterior and interior. 

Photo courtesy of Land Rover

In February 2023, the manufacturer released the new Range Rover Sport, equipping the vehicle with a more durable, tougher frame without compromising a sophisticated design language. Despite its size, the Range Rover Sport is deceptively compact. With a focus on minimalist elements, the new vehicle’s exterior is sculpted with stealth-like front grilles and pixel LED lighting units that are slimmer than most headlamps.

The rest of its frame is contoured lending a narrow visual width, giving the vehicle a sleeker, more streamlined appearance. Range Rover’s signature script is inscribed behind the car’s rear tailgate, and is accentuated by new fender details, satin gray alloy wheels, and the longest spoiler fitted throughout the Range Rover series.

Moving toward its interior, the vehicle features Range Rover’s signature Command Driving Position, which cocoons the driver in a spacious cockpit. Across its dashboard, the vehicle’s innermost smart console is fully digital, featuring the ability to connect to a number of applications for convenience and entertainment throughout each drive.

Photo courtesy of Land Rover

Apart from its aesthetics, the Range Rover Sport is also fitted with MLA-Flex architecture and the latest chassis systems, which allow the vehicle to travel through harsh terrain. The former is what provides stability and an overall good foundation for the vehicle, as it combines the inherent strength of compound metals into its frame. The vehicle’s Integrated Chassis Control systems also work in harmony with the car’s exterior to provide instinctive responses and agility, allowing it to be dynamic for every occasion. 

The new Range Rover Sport now formally releases in the Philippines, serving as a companion that can be seen cruising the city streets, or traversing off-road for outdoor adventures.

For more information, visit Land Rover’s website.

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