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In Need of a Home Update? 5 Ways a Smart TV Can Redefine Your Spaces

At the Vogue Philippines anniversary gala, the transformative power of fashion editorials were displayed on multiple Samsung Neo QLED 8K screens. Photo by Ed Simon

At the Vogue Philippines anniversary gala, the transformative power of fashion editorials were displayed on multiple Samsung Neo QLED 8K screens. Photo by Ed Simon

From family viewing to exquisite decor, you can create a visual wonder and transform your living spaces with the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

In the age of smartphones and tablets, one may ask: is owning a television still relevant today? Amidst the conveniences of owning handheld devices, the shared experience of huddling on the couch with family and friends watching that much-awaited season finale, learning new concepts with your preschooler, or cheering for your favorite sports team, the TV remains a centerpiece of home entertainment. The collective excitement, anticipation, and heartwarming moments shared just can’t be matched on a small screen.

As we’ve moved past chunky televisions that took up half of your living room or bedroom, TVs have evolved into more than just screens for watching shows. They have also found a place in modern homes. 

The new Samsung Neo QLED 8K smart TV has a myriad of lifestyle upgrades, seamlessly fitting into your living decor. Sporting sleek looks and vibrant 8K visuals, the Samsung Neo QLED has a whole host of features designed to simplify, connect, and accommodate modern needs.

Here are some ways a smart TV can redefine different areas of your home:

Create a dynamic digital art gallery in your living room

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K smart TV
Photo courtesy of Samsung

Enliven your living room by mounting a digital gallery showing a variety of artworks that reflect your personal style. You can switch between your favorite works of art to family photos with ease. You can also switch to ambient mode, a Samsung TV feature that mimics your walls or decors with its nearly invisible bezels. When your smart TV is mounted near a window, you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing of each visual with its anti-glare screen and EyeComfort mode. 

At the Vogue Philippines anniversary gala, Shangri-la BGC’s grand ballroom was transformed into a modern gallery where audiences were brought on a journey through time and showcase the past, present, and future of the Philippine fashion industry. In an expansive sea of screens, the publication’s art director, Jann Pascua, who also conceptualized the exhibition with Samsung, shared how the images displayed were a reflection of our times through the lens of fashion.

“Spectators were immersed through the crisp imagery and vivid colors brought by the Samsung Neo QLED 8K screens,” shares Pascua. “These were seen in moments where the vast wall of screens would gradually display one single image that almost feels like a portal into editorial worlds.”

Transform your home office with a true-to-life resolution screen

Turn your home office into a hub of productivity with the Samsung Neo QLED 8K smart TV, transforming into a robust virtual assistant. Set up Bixby, Samsung’s answer to a digital assistant, that lets you perform tasks using voice command. 

Turn on a video conference, flip through presentations, surf the internet, or use it as a second screen. This hands free setup not only improves workflow but also provides a modern, effortless integration of technology in your workspace. You can also leverage its smart features such as TV-to-mobile mirroring (and vice-versa), multi-view up to four screens, Bluetooth capabilities, all multitasking for you.

Recreate the theater experience at home

With the Neo QLED line-up ranging of 55 to 98 inches and boasting rich visual and sound features, your living room or entertainment room can now transform into an at-home theater. Bring home that theater feel and watch movies come to life.

Using advanced Neo Quantum HDR 8K Pro and Pantone-validated colors, every detail is manifested on screen with imagery looking balanced in each scene. Factor in the Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro), which aligns the sound with the action running on-screen, and you’re swept into the heart of the story. You can also pair the Neo QLED TV with a Q Soundbar to activate Q-Symphony, a Samsung-first technology where you can make use of both the TV and Soundbar speakers for a truly immersive and cinematic experience.

Streamline and simplify your bedroom space

Samsung Neo QLED 8K smart TV
Photo courtesy of Samsung

In the bedroom, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K plays a dual role—not only does it serve as an entertainment hub—it also enhances relaxation. All that, with minimal wires and fuss. Mount it on the wall for a seamless look, ensuring you don’t see cluttered wires.

Add in the sleek Q Soundbar to enhance the TV’s audio, but also to use as a stand-alone speaker for soothing ambient music that envelops your bedroom.

Elevate your gaming performance with graphics and speed

Lastly, for those thrilling game nights, know that your gaming performance can be amplified with unprecedented graphics, lightning-fast speed, and stunning visuals. Offering a low input lag and a high dynamic range, the Samsung Neo QLED TV provides a supreme gaming experience that’ll keep you on your toes every single moment.

For more information, visit Samsung’s official website.

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