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5 Essentials to Keep Your Cool as Temperatures Soar

Photo courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren

Beat the heat with TRUNC’s must-have items that ensure style and comfort despite the sizzle

With temperatures climbing to record-breaking highs, reaching a scorching 53°C in locations such as Iba, Zambales, and the phenomenon being mirrored in nearby Southeast Asian nations, the question on everyone’s mind is straightforward: How do you even cool down in high-degree heat? 

The human body is naturally prone to distress once the mercury surpasses 38°C, intensifying risks of heat exhaustion or worse, heatstroke. The situation worsens with rising humidity, which hinders the effectiveness of sweat—the body’s inherent cooling mechanism—as it struggles to evaporate properly.

Keeping your cool, literally, requires strategic measures: hydrated bodies, sheltered or indoor retreats during peak hours, and relying on innovative products designed to alleviate the sweltering heat (without compromising on style). Yet, implementing practical actions along with a collection of clever essentials can greatly enhance your comfort. TRUNC has curated a selection of such items, allowing you to sidestep the stifling heat with flair but are also ideal for the Philippines’ unique wet and dry seasons, making them suitable for any weather.

Photo courtesy of TRUNC Philippines

SkinCeuticals Protect Ultra Facial Defense SPF 50+

Ideal for all skin types, this SPF50+ sunscreen does more than protect against the sun’s rays. Formulated for noticeable hydration and with a barely-there feel, the SkinCeuticals sunscreen is a staple for your beach days or city explorations, ensuring that your skin remains shielded with every application.

Photo courtesy of TRUNC Philippines

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea

Humidity often has a drying effect on the skin, but you can keep your skin hydrated throughout the day by using a facial mist. Enriched with aloe vera, peppermint, and cucumber, the Mario Badescu facial spray can be your go-to for a quick cooling pick-me-up. Whether you’re dining al fresco or relaxing at the beach, keep this spray handy for an instant refresh.

Photo courtesy of TRUNC Philippines

MUJI Compact Rechargeable Handy Fan

Compact fans have gained popularity, especially on TikTok, where influencers are often seen reviewing them for their excellent combination of mobility and cooling efficiency. With the flexibility to adjust its head and easily accessible modes, the MUJI compact fan ensures a personalized breeze is always within arm’s reach. Ideal for those moments when you find yourself waiting under the sun or need a gentle breeze to lull you into relaxation.

Photo courtesy of TRUNC Philippines

Grendha Buriti Slide Ad Flip Flop

Made from recycled materials, these Grendha flip-flops are not only kind to your feet and the planet but also feature a design that maximizes airflow around your feet. The lightweight materials used in the Buriti Slide Ad make them feel almost weightless, reducing the effort needed to walk and thus minimizing heat buildup within the foot.

Photo courtesy of TRUNC Philippines

Polo Ralph Lauren Reversible Canvas Medium Bellport Tote

This versatile tote bag blends practicality with Polo Ralph Lauren’s signature codes. Its reversible feature allows you to switch up your look while ample storage space ensures all your essentials are kept safe and organized. Additionally, the Bellport Tote serves as the perfect companion for weekend activities, from indulging in a Sunday brunch to browsing the stalls at your local farmer’s market.

Explore a curated selection of summer essentials and stay cool with TRUNC via trunc.ph

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