The 3 Mindanaoan Designers You Should Know About

South Bound: Mindanaoan Designers Goldie Siglos, Wilson Limon, and Steffy Misoles-Dacalus On Their Beginnings In Fashion

Photographed by JOSEPH BERMUDEZ for the April 2024 Issue of Vogue Philippines

Journey to the creative landscapes of Davao, where Goldie Siglos, Wilson Limon, and Steffy Misoles-Dacalus carve their own paths.

Debuts, pageants, and weddings—for awhile, Davao’s fashion scene revolved around these three things. “I’ve seen a lot of designers here in Davao who are really into gowns,” says Wilson Limon. That was the stereotype, Goldie Siglos says, “especially in a small town.”

Growing up in the capital of southern Mindanao, young creatives like Wilson and Goldie didn’t consider fashion as a viable career path. The same was true for Steffy Misoles-Dacalus, who was raised by traditional parents to become an accountant and entrepreneur.

Yet, the three set their sights far into the horizon. Recounting early memories, the creatives recall seeds that were planted long ago. Wilson’s second home was the shop of his uncle, the family’s breadwinner who designed uniforms and other garments for a living. As early as age seven, Goldie was fascinated by the way her older sister would paint her eyes with eyeliner. A self-confessed rebel, Steffy spent her childhood outdoors, covered in mud and soaked in rain.

Look closely, and you’ll find pieces of these memories in the clothes they create. Garments that transform, uplift, and empower not just their wearers, but their makers, too.

Wilson Limon

Goldie Siglos

Steffy Misoles-Dacalus

Vogue Philippines: April 2024 Issue

Words & Styling by TICIA ALMAZAN. Photographs by JOSEPH BERMUDEZ. Makeup & Hair: Goldie Siglos. Model: Ivanna Lagman. Photographer’s Assistants: Adi De Gracia, Ellah Plariza. Stylist’s Assistant: Patricia Villoria. Shot on location at Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort.

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