Vogue Singapore’s Third Anniversary Will Gather Fashion’s Innovative Thought Leaders, Including Vogue Philippines Editor-In-Chief Bea Valdes

Vogue Singapore propels future-forward fashion with “NEXT IN VOGUE,” a two-day event that will gather top fashion industry leaders and innovators, including Vogue Philippines editor-in-chief Bea Valdes.

The spirit of innovation is ever-present in Vogue Singapore’s three years of publication. Since its launch in 2020, the title has pushed the boundaries of fashion through groundbreaking technological print and digital content, such as launching Vogue’s first NFT issue and collection, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for cover models, and supporting metaverse fashion with an exclusive space on Last September, the magazine made waves with its unique heat-reactive September cover featuring supermodel Shin Hyun-ji.

This year, the ethos of bridging technology and fashion together continues in the celebration of Vogue Singapore’s third anniversary. Presented in collaboration with EDITION Hotels at their first luxury lifestyle property in Southeast Asia, The Singapore EDITION, Vogue Singapore invites readers, attendees, and thought leaders to step into the future of fashion this November 17 to 18.

The four key activations—NEXT IN VOGUE Conversations, Vogue Closet, Vogue Glam Room, and Vogue Foundation pop-up—underscore the publication’s dedication to fostering insightful discussions, showcasing fashion-forward innovations, and promoting craftsmanship.

NEXT IN VOGUE Conversations will bring forth enriching discussions on the impact of innovation and culture on the fashion industry, as well as the generational shift in the fashion and creative industry. Vogue Philippines editor-in-chief Bea Valdes and Vogue Singapore editor-in-chief Desmond Lim will lead the first keynote talk entitled, “Next in Vouge–Next in Fashion.” Moderated by Singaporean journalist Sharanjit Leyl, the two editors will share their insights on the developments of the fashion industry through the years by examining past trends, looking forward to future innovations, and pushing the boundaries of fashion through magazine publishing.

In a similar fashion, attendees will also hear first-hand the insights of global and regional thought leaders including creative director and fashion stylist Andrea Wong, fashion director Daniel Boey, digital artist Shavonne Wong, TikTok head of brand partnerships Victoria Yustinovich, Institute of Digital Fashion co-founder Leanne Elliott-Young, Singapore Fashion Council CEO Semun Ho, and other esteemed speakers.

Attendees will also get to immerse themselves in the world of fashion and beauty through the Vogue Closet and Vogue Glam Room. Vogue Closet will feature a meticulous curation of digital and physical fashion hand-picked by Vogue Singapore editors and the debut showcase of Asian designers Bad Binch Tong and Miss Sohee’s bold and imaginative designs, which will be made available for the first time in Singapore. In the realm of beauty, Vogue Glam Room offers a discovery of the latest beauty trends through masterclasses, intimate panel talks, and an interactive display of beauty tech brands.

To complete the four activations, Vogue Singapore’s “NEXT IN VOGUE” will also offer a series of fringe activities through their Vogue Foundation pop-up at Boutique Fairs Singapore. It will put the spotlight on Singaporean designers who have mastered the art of craft-focused design. The pop-up will include pieces from beadwork artist Denise Chong, contemporary womenswear and menswear label Studio Vetyver, and natural dye and art studio Project Coal.

In inviting readers and thought leaders to step into the future of fashion, this anniversary celebration stands not only as a testament to Vogue Singapore’s past achievements but as a declaration of its ongoing commitment to innovation and the ever-evolving spirit of fashion.

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