Shay Mitchell Shows Off Her TikTok-Trending Luggage At Coachella

The Filipino-Canadian actress was spotted at the music festival donning her travel accessories line’s new candy-colored bags.

One look at Filipino-Canadian model and actress Shay Mitchell‘s online presence and you know she loves to travel. The actress, lifestyle vlogger, author and businesswoman has her YouTube channel and Instagram filled with “Shaycations,” visually engaging accounts of places that she’s traveled to. Recently, Mitchell posted photos of her at Coachella donning candy-colored luggage and travel bags. These are from the Sherbet Collection of her own travel accessories line, Béis

Launched in 2018, Béis was Mitchell’s solution to never finding a bag that checks all her travel requirements. She took her list of needs and turned them into the product features now seen in her line: convertible pockets that turn into a trolley pass-through strap; wide zip openings and multiple pockets for storage and organization; even a built-in weight detector that lets you know if your luggage is overweight.

“I’ve been very fortunate to travel in my life at a young age,” shared the multi-hyphenate in an interview. “My parents always took my brother and I on trips. I love traveling. It was my first love. And then as I got older, obviously I was buying my own luggage, my own bags, and every time I was on the road, I’d be like, ‘This is missing something’ or ‘I wish there was a compartment for this’ or, like, ‘if I could only design this bag.'” 

The features she incorporated in her products turned out to be a hit among the travel crowd at TikTok, who initially bought the luggage for their aesthetic but discovered the features met their needs. For many, the weight indicator is a much needed feature which helps them avoid overpacking. The compression dividers allow them to pack more things, and the different compartments allowed them to organize and save space.

Most of the TikTok reviews were either unboxing the bags and going through all the features or showing how they would pack for a trip effectively using the Béis bags. One TikTok content creator posted an update after five uses of the luggage. “The secret is this luggage cover,” she says while showing a photo of the bag after her trip to Europe. “Everything with Béis is just so well-designed. You don’t have to take off the whole cover when you’re opening your suitcase, it’s perfect. You barely notice when it’s on.”

The buzz that TikTok created around these bags made Béis sought after among travelers. Mitchell credits the platform for organically growing her brand. Her development of the TikTok-trending bags is proof that when you create something out of love and out of your personal experience, people relate and people will follow.

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