Most Stylish Water Bottles

In the post-single-use-plastic age, trustworthy reusable water bottles, no matter the occasion, are essential. Gone are the days when a plastic bottle in the hand accompanies the image of fitness. These days, there are so many options for reusable bottles that they have become the extension of an outfit. 

About to go on a bike ride or need something easily accessible at the gym? Shop sports bottles. Dressing up for a formal work meeting? Opt for a suave stainless steel tumbler. Staying hydrated at fashion week? Luxury labels got you covered. There’s never been a more stylish time to drink water. Combat the heatwave with our top water bottle picks for any occasion. 

Unbeatable Function

Classic Legendary Bottle 1.5 QT


If you’re looking for a classic that will survive daily wear and tear, Stanley tumblers are the way to go. Established in the early 1900s, Stanley bottles have accompanied World War II fighter pilots, explorers, and endless outdoor expeditions through the roughest campsites and most unforgiving of terrains. 

Likewise, if your grandfather owned a tumbler, it was probably a Stanley—and it’s probably still functional to this day. They’re likely a tad heavier than today’s variety of new metal tumblers, but they are never going to let you (or your future kin) down. Besides, the classic grey-green and silver design never goes out of style. Like denims, Stanleys are the workhorse product that you can dress up or dress down to suit the occasion. 

High-Intensity Hydration

Podium® Chill™ 21oz Bike Bottle


One of the most trustworthy sports bottles for any high-intensity activity has to be CamelBak. They have a range of squeeze bottles from the classic to the lightweight yet insulated plastic bike bottles. 

Of course, these don’t promise hours upon hours of cold or hot compared to the double-walled stainless steel counterparts, but they’re a great option if weight and accessibility are more important to you than an ice-cold drink. These are the reusable bottles you need when your workout does not leave room for you to stop and unscrew a cap. That’s probably why they are the cyclist’s receptacle of choice. 

The Great Outdoors

Titanium Aurora Bottle


Keep your style in check even when outdoors. Snow Peak, a Japanese outdoor clothing and equipment label, makes a water bottle perfect for the “gorpcore” or “techwear” aesthetic. This bottle is the perfect companion for a weekend camping trip, a climbing trip to the crag, or a trek across town. 

The Sartorialist

Aqua Bottle with Shoulder Strap


For the eternally stylish, Dior released its own iteration of the classic stainless steel tumbler – of course, monogrammed with the iconic Dior logo. Of course, such a luxury will also set you back quite a bit – a small (not so small) price to pay for style and prestige. 

Understated Luxury

Medium Grey Stainless Steel 25oz Drink Bottle

For understated luxury, Thom Browne released its own water bottle. This classic silhouette is minimalistic enough not to draw too much attention to itself but still commands the same sense of contemporary class. Style this with a day-suit or pleated men’s skirt and you’re ready to hit the street.

Spiritual Wellness

Rose Quartz Bottle

The past few years has seen new-age wellness and spirituality penetrate into the mainstream. Glacce made waves as the first out of many to release the coveted crystal-infused water bottles. The stunning glass bottle allows users to clearly see the large quartz crystal stylishly embedded at the base of the bottle. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking to channel their chi into their lifestyles. 

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