The New Designers Featured in Vogue Philippines’ First Cover Story 

Photography by Sharif Hamza

The fashion of the future is at your fingertips with Vogue’s debut issue.

Here’s the thing about Filipino emerging designers: they aren’t afraid to take the unconventional route. Daring and innovative, these independent talents are paving the way in Philippine fashion. Vogue Philippines’ cover story, “Fashion’s New Frontier,” is an introduction to Filipino identity, our origin, our spirit, and our most covetable young designers. Through the lens of fashion, we introduce the Philippines to the international stage by way of the burgeoning brands that put Filipino creativity on the map. Through the Pearl of the Orient-inspired shoot, we trace back to our roots as islanders, voyagers, and seafarers to tell our story through present-day sculpted silhouettes. We sit with Pam Quiñones, Fashion Director of Vogue Philippines, to learn about the emerging designers found within Vogue’s debut issue.

For the vacation-ready: Áraw

BODE printed short-sleeved shirt, BEYOND THE BEACH Frankie bikini, (PHP2,100), ARAW THE LINE anemone skirt, (PHP3,900), ANDANTE the fisherman sandal, (PHP2,690), PRADA sunglasses, (PHP25,900). Photography by Sharif Hamza

For those who skew towards breezy silhouettes with an eye for minimalist clothing, Áraw is composed of vintage-inspired tropical basics. With premium fabrics made for the modern Filipina, their light and comfortable linen skirts, tops, pants, and jumpsuits have garnered a massive following. Highlighting the every day Filipino’s natural beauty, Áraw’s pieces are found in sun-drenched hues (think brown, white, and pastel) that match our complexion and suit our climate.

Chloe Magno, The Maiden Issue cover star, wore a mid-waist mini skirt made from a Poly Blend crinkle called the “Anemone Skirt.” In a seaweed tone, the item is the ideal companion to bold prints. A perfect-proportion, perfect-weight tropical necessity, its intentional creases bring a laidback element to her ensemble.

For the polished and preppy leather connoisseur: Andante

Andante comprises classic leather shoes for the modern wardrobe. Leather shoes are all the rage with various designers jumping on the bandwagon including Prada, Miu Miu, Fendi, and Dries Van Noten. Most importantly, Andante’s Fisherman sandals are said to have a trans-seasonal quality. This timeless retro take on open-toe shoes are ideal for those looking for a feminine touch to their ensembles without skimping on comfort.

Magno wears Andante’s Fisherman sandals paired with offbeat, tropical ensembles. Casual and lightweight, the Fisherman sandals bring a refined touch to the warm-weather roster of garments.

For those with a penchant for breezy silhouettes: Goodtimes By Halo-Halo

GOODTIMES BY HALOHALO cöol cami dress, (PHP2,600), TRIANGL swimwear. Boatman: Garry Rosilio. Photography by Sharif Hamza

Everyone knows Halo-Halo, the cult brand made by sibling duo Cara and Rocco Sumabat. With a focus on Filipino-made sustainable items that range from bags, garments, homeware, and accessories with an unconventional blend of materials, they’re hard not to miss. Their clothing brand, Goodtimes by Halo-Halo is known for their creative, playful designs. Every piece invites you to their sunny, colorful world imbued with ’70s prints, boho pants, fruity tees, lace button-ups, and sheer cover-ups.

Magno wears the “Cöol cami dress in white twist” with a candy-striped pattern. A barely-there dress that could very well be part of the naked dress movement (albeit a tropicana one), this skin-tight garment is a not-so-basic essential for the beach and beyond.

For those looking for an eccentric touch: Ha.Mu

HAMU peach cloud dress Photography by Sharif Hamza

What happens when you blend rebellion, creativity, and freedom of expression? An out-of-the-box artisanal line of clothing. Worn by celebrities and artists like Ylona Garcia, Anne Curtis, and Yeo Kaa, Ha.Mu has made a name for itself through its bold and nonconformist take to design. With oversized fits, a variety of textures, and a play on Filipino textiles, Ha.Mu embraces quirky details and over-the-top dressing—the perfect mix for those who are daring enough to adorn their eye-catching pieces.

Magno wears a peach-toned Ha.Mu dress with billowing ruffles and visible green stitching. A theatrical structure with soft curves, the dress blends in with the picturesque background behind Magno—almost as if it’s a natural construct on its own.

For those who can’t make up their mind: Leby Le Moria

LEBY LE MORIA patchwork dress Boatman Harold Along Photography by Sharif Hamza

An up-and-coming designer, our fashion director Pam Quiñones mentions Leby Le Moria as a visionary thinker who creates patchwork pieces. Each piece can be removed, and then reattached to another piece. A short dress, a mini skirt, a maxi, or a blouse—the dress can transition into an array of different silhouettes. The idea of being able to create, recreate, and rewear brings a new way of thinking to fashion and versatility.

Magno wears a puzzle-like deconstructed dress with a bold assortment of colors and various materials, fashioned into a single garment. A modular design tethered together with round fasteners, the dress brings a structural approach to fashion.

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