Vogue Talks: Marian Pastor Roces, Marlon Rivera, and Rajo Laurel Touches on The Roots of Filipino Design

Marian wears JIL SANDER top, MELITTA BAUMEISTER skirt, COMME DE GARÇONS jacket, BALENCIAGA mules, RAMON VILLEGAS personalized earrings and HANAE MORI ring. Photographed by Artu Nepomuceno.

This April, Vogue Talks will feature guest speakers critic and author Marian Pastor Roces and director Marlon Rivera in a talk moderated by renowned fashion designer Rajo Laurel.

On April 17, Vogue Philippines will host the second Vogue Talks of the year at the Vogue Studio. An ongoing series of talks for emerging Filipino creatives, the upcoming Vogue Talks is entitled “The Filipino: Exploring Deep Roots in Design.” The discussion will feature director Marlon Rivera joining historian, critic, and author Marian Pastor Roces in a talk moderated by renowned fashion designer Rajo Laurel.

As a historian, curator, author, and critical thinker, Marian Pastor Roces’ work is deeply connected to understanding the complexities of Filipino culture and identity. From the ground up, she has curated and built museums such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Museo ng Kaalamáng Katutubò; the Yuchenco Museum; the Bangsamoro Museum in BARMM; and she also co-created the Philippine Pavilions for World Expos in Japan, Spain, and Dubai.

Marlon Rivera, on the other hand, has mastered the art of Filipino storytelling and branding throughout his career. His first feature film, Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank, has won several awards from prestigious film festivals and institutions such as the Granada Film Festival Cines del Sur, Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, Golden Screen Awards, and the Philadelphia Film Festival. He has also worked as a producer, production designer, and assistant director in advertising.

Renowned fashion designer Rajo Laurel will moderate Vogue Talks on April 17.

To thread the discussion together, fashion designer Rajo Laurel will be moderating the talk. As a designer, Laurel’s work sets traditional Filipino and artisanal techniques in a contemporary global context, earning him several local and international accolades. His journey as a designer has led to multiple brands and businesses; at present, he is the head of Rajo Laurel Enterprises, the creative director and CEO of House Laurel Inc. and RAJO, and he designs and oversees his garment manufacturing company, Laurel et Ross Enterprises.

During the talk, attendees will also get the chance to expand their knowledge and gain insight through a question-and-answer session with the guest speakers. To hear their insight in person, secure your spot for the upcoming Vogue Talks by getting a 3-month subscription, exclusively available on

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