Your 2022 Halloween Watch-List

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A crop of the spookiest dramas and action-packed fantasies is ready just in time for Halloween

The spookiest month of the year is upon us. This October, streaming platforms are welcoming in a new batch of Halloween-worthy titles, as well as capping off the latest, most binge-able series. 

Netflix audiences still reeling from the recent release of Dahmer, a true-crime biopic about the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer are in for a treat. Besides the arrival of highly anticipated viewing like Guillermo Del Torro’s Cabinet of Curiosities and the book adaptation The School of Good and Evil, a roster of horror movies is arriving. This includes the much-awaited docu-series Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3, father-daughter horror film The Curse of Bridge Hollow, and classic cop-murderer flick The Stranger. 

HBO subscribers are prepping for the conclusion of the Game of Thrones prequel, House of The Dragon, which is set to air on October 24. Not to worry, the award-winning series Handmaid’s Tail is set to return for its fifth season. Horror classic Scream is back with a 2022 update, featuring the original cast alongside burgeoning young stars.

See all the best viewing on Netflix and HBO this month below:

Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3

Courtesy of Netflix

The Netflix reboot of one of the oldest mystery television series (which originally aired in 1987 and went on to amass 500 episodes) is back for a third run on October 18 and 24. This adaptation is said to be given a refresh by Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy, who heads the production company 21 Laps Entertainment. What many viewers don’t know is that the show, both original and reboots, has actually helped solve over 260 cases, according to its creator Terry Dunn Meurer.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow


An anti-Halloween father played by Marlon Wayans is forced to team up with his daughter played by Priah Ferguson to save their town. The latter accidentally releases an ancient demon. The adventure-filled comedy-horror is set to hit Netflix on October 14.

The Stranger


On October 19, Australian crime-thriller The Stranger is coming to Netflix. Directed by Thomas M. Wright, the story follows an undercover cop (Joel Edgerton) as he forms an intimate and intense relationship with a suspected murderer (Sean Harris) in order to earn his trust and confession.

The Handmaid’s Tale

HBO GO/Youtube

The award-winning dystopian television series based on the namesake novel by Margaret Atwood is back with its fifth season in a staggered release. Star Elizabeth Moss described this round as one of the more challenging productions she’s ever worked in.


Paramount Pictures/Youtube

Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Scream 2022 sees a mysterious new killer who has brought back the same Ghostface mask that traumatized the Woodsboro 25 years ago and everyone is suspect. Original Scream queens Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox reprise their roles as Sydney Prescott and Gale Weathers, alongside David Arquette who returns as Dewey Riley. The film also features new faces like Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, and Jack Quaid.

House of Dragon

HBO MAX/Youtube

The blockbuster prequel to Game of Thrones drew in nearly 10 million viewers on one of its first nights, quickly becoming HBO’s largest audience for a new original series in history. Starring Matt Smith, Paddy Considine, and Olivia Cooke among many others, it js set 200 years before Game of Thrones and tells the story of the House Targaryen. On October 24, the highly-awaited season finale is set to air.

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