The Trailer For Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla Is Out, And We Are Very Excited

The Trailer For Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla Is Out, And We Are Very Excited

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The short clip is quintessential Sofia.

I am an unabashed Sofia Coppola stan (Coppolhead? Coppolista? Coper?) who has seen The Bling Ring more times than I care to admit to on the internet, so you can imagine my excitement upon learning that the 45-second teaser trailer for Coppola’s Priscilla Presley biopic was officially out in the world. It’s short and sweet, and we don’t learn a ton about the film from it, but as we know, when it comes to Coppola, it’s all vibes (and said vibes are immaculate). Below, find every thought I had about the trailer:

  1. Red-lacquered toenails on a shag rug bearing the logo of A24? I’ve died and gone to film-girl heaven.
  2. Seriously, does A24 make rugs? Should I buy one?
  3. Watching anyone do their own eyeliner in close-up will always make me think of that one movie (you know, the one you saw in Intro to Film, where the eye gets cut with the razor), and I hate it.
  4. OMG, Aqua Net!
  5. Are there any six words in the English language more beautiful than written and directed by Sofia Coppola?
  6. Oh, shit, Jacob Elordi looks good as Elvis.
  7. Cailee Spaeny in a white veil is an eerily good approximation of how Priscilla Presley looked on her wedding day; hats off to hair and makeup!
  8. Aw, baby Lisa Marie! Or a baby actor playing her, anyway.
  9. Is it not so weird that the concept of a baby actor exists? Anyway, I digress.
  10. Succession hive, we are eating, because Dagmara Dominczyk is in this movie.
  11. “Coming Soon,” reads the screen at the end of the trailer…but how soon? When do I get to devour it whole? Release the date, Sofia!

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