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Christmas Gift Guide

Creative Director Paulina Paige Ortega Steers Clear Of Templated Gifting With Her Handpicked Gift Guide Selections

Courtesy of Paulina Paige Ortega

In this time of joyous giving, Vogue Philippines gathers various industry creatives for their personal gifting recommendations. Creative director Paulina Paige Ortega shares who and what makes the cut for her 2023 holiday list.

Every Christmas season holds within it a trap, that of templated gifting—the sort of one-size-fits-all type of present one can dole out en masse. That’s exactly what creative director Paulina Paige Ortega likes to steer clear of this year. This holiday season, she wants to be more thoughtful about the presents she picks out. It’s more work, sure. But a well-considered present allows for higher chances of delighting the recipient, and that, in and of itself, is the most delightful feeling of all.

For the friend who has a million parties to go to this season

CHANEL Lumière Graphique — Exclusive Eye Creation

I’m not one to dedicate several hours of my day perfecting my ‘going out’ look, and many of my friends share the same approach to beauty. That makes a product like this palette such a godsend over the busy holiday season. It holds a perfect selection of shades that can easily elevate your everyday look with a little extra holiday sparkle. The shades range from platinum beige, bronze, pink gold, diamond white, and a shimmery black, making it highly adaptable to all sorts of party looks. It’s also conveniently sized to fit in your little party purse.

Available online at the CHANEL website.

For the friend who loves to host

Incu x Maison Balzac x Yellingbo Gold Olive Oil & Bottle

Something I’ve learned over the years is that a beautiful bottle of olive oil is a failsafe gift for anyone, but even more so for someone who loves having people over. This gift set has it all— a limited edition bottle of Yellingbo extra virgin olive oil that boasts a fruity aroma of apples and sun-ripened tomatoes, paired with an extra special hand blown olive oil dispenser by famed Australian homeware brand Maison Balzac. The tiny handmade glass olives on the bottle are an especially delicious little detail.

Available online at the websites of Incu and Maison Balzac.

For the friend who’s in need of some creative inspiration

Henry Wilson Studio Brass Book Weight and The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin
This book of creative musings by the ingenious musical producer Rick Rubin is exactly the kind of book you can pick up, close, and come back to whenever you’re in need of creative stimulation and motivation. Every chapter tackles a different phase of the creative process, and I personally find it is best experienced in waves, rather than in one fell swoop. That makes it the perfect type of book to pair with Henry Wilson Studio’s elegant brass book weight. Leave it open on your bedside table, or coffee table and come back to it every time you’re wanting for a break from your own thoughts.

The Henry Wilson Studio Brass Book Weight is available online at the Studio Henry Wilson website. Meanwhile, The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin is available online at the Fully Booked website.

For the friend looking to get on their ‘wellness journey’

Recess Chill Pill Kit and Aesop Sarashina Aromatique Incense

Making the space in one’s life for a new wellness regiment can sometimes be made better (and more effective) with physical demarcations of said space. That’s kind of how I feel about things anyway. When I see a mat laid out in front of me, and I’ve lit my incense, it mentally takes me to a place where I’m reminded to pause and break free from whatever it was my day was snow-balling into. And that’s exactly what I’d like to gift a friend looking to work the same feeling into their days. The Recess Chill Pill kit is a great natural rubber mat perfect for meditation, yoga, pilates, or simply laying down for a stretch. And the Aesop incense sets (which come with a stand) smell light and divine.

The Recess Chill Pill Kit is available online at the Recess website. Meanwhile, the Aesop Sarashina Aromatique Incense is available online at the Aesop Philippines website, and Aesop signature stores at Greenbelt, Rockwell, and SM Aura.

For the friend who values experiences over things

12/10 Dinner for Two

It’s been said before me, but one of the best restaurants we have in Manila now is 12/10. I always make a beeline for a seat at their bar the minute I’m in the city. I’ve recently discovered you can gift their omakase dining experience, packaged as a dinner for two. It makes for the perfect present for friends and family who love food, who maybe don’t particularly love material things, who love a good experience. 

Alternatively, you can also make this half a gift for yourself and use it as a way to lock-in some quality time with a single person or loved one. It’s a brilliant way to work yourself into their calendars and secure some one-on-one time with them. No one says no to a good meal.

12/10 is located at 8 Rockwell Drive, in Makati City.

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