Bea Alonzo Shares Her GMA Gala Photo Diary

Bea Alonzo Shares Her GMA Gala Photo Diary

The acclaimed actress takes Vogue Philippines in on her process of getting glammed up and shares what she has to look forward to in the future. 

Bea Alonzo has a lot to celebrate. Still reeling from her recent engagement to fiancé Dominic Roque, she’s optimistic about what the glamorous night ahead might hold at the GMA Gala. 

The star is all smiles as she sits in her hair and makeup chair, joking and laughing along with her team, who are all packed tightly in her Marriott Hotel suite. On getting done up for big events, she shares she’s learned to love the ritual as it means she’ll get to see the people she’s grown close to throughout her career. “I like seeing friends—old and new.”

Alonzo muses, “Actually, it’s extra special this year because I will be seeing a lot of my friends who are from ABS-CBN, so it’s like a big celebration, right? And also, I’ll be celebrating with my new friends at GMA.” 

Over her two-decade-long career in the industry, Alonzo has become a red-carpet veteran. Her biggest tip for anyone making an appearance anywhere is to get ready earlier, as “things tend to get busy.” This afternoon, with some time on her hands, she takes a moment to reflect on her style throughout the years. If anything has stayed the same, it’s her affinity for “styles that stand the test of time.” She tells Vogue Philippines, “I gravitate towards the classics, so, I guess, understated elegance.”

Her gown for the evening was just flown in from Paris: custom AZ Factory couture by Norman De Vera in a light, airy shade of cream. “I have been wearing a lot of blacks in recent events, so I opted to wear something that has color,” she tells Vogue Philippines. “But not really like an out-there color—not loud colors. I wanted something really fresh and neutral.”

Its effect is almost neoclassical, with silk sublimely draped and a bustier perfectly cinched. Styled by Qurator Studio, the gown is paired with a beaded pouch from Valdes Designs, glittering pieces from Bulgari, and strappy Christian Louboutin high heels. 

Bea Alonzo GMA Gala
Bea Alonzo is resplendent in her cream colored AZ Factory gown Note the diamond engagement ring peeking from her left hand

Alonzo is excited about all of the aspects of her look, but not more than the diamond she wears on her ring finger. She raises her hand up, beaming: “I’m wearing the best accessory for the night.”

This is the first event that she’s attending with Roque as a newly engaged couple, she shares. For them both, it seems there’s plenty more to look forward to in the future. “[In the future], I hope to be happier. I hope to build a family with Dom that is God-fearing, and that is—you know, not perfect because I don’t strive for perfection because nobody’s perfect, but [I hope for] just a really traditional and healthy family life.”

Photographed by JL Javier. Makeup by Cristine Duque. Hair by John Valle. Styled by Leanne Ledesma of Qurator Studio. Nails by Mimi Qiu Reyes. Sittings editor Adam Pereyra. Produced by Chesca Valencia. Special thanks to Nina G. Ferrer and Ella.

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