The New Faces of Street Style in 2022, According to Vogue Runway’s Street Style Photographers |

The New Faces of Street Style in 2022, According to Vogue Runway’s Street Style Photographers

There’s a changing of the guard in street style in 2022. A new generation is joining existing street style stars at the shows, and the result is a more diverse and inclusive fashion community in each of our global fashion cities. No one has noticed it more than our resident street style photographers—Phil Oh and Acielle Tanbetova, both of whom have been shooting guests at the shows for over a decade.

Even if fashion is getting more global, our street style photographers believe that each fashion capital still has its distinct touch. “New York still has that urban flavor, London has some elements of avant-garde, while Milan is all about the classic Italian style, and Paris has every flavor of chic,” says Tanbetova.

As for Oh, this year he was sending in photos by the dozen, because the street style outside the shows was just that good. “I’ve loved New York again recently. This past season was the most fun I’ve had shooting street style in a long time because New York used to have that stereotype of being a head-to-toe black kind of town,” he says. “And in Paris, you saw a whole new generation of kids outside of the shows. The type of people that fashion establishments complain about have been stepping up their outfits. God bless them!”

But no matter which fashion capital our photographers are shooting in, they find that this generation has a more “daring and individual style full of self-expression and authenticity,” like Tanbetova describes. She continues, “Clothes are important to me, but more important is how [people] are wearing them. On the street, I’m looking for the moment itself. It can be either a genuine or authentic outfit that shows personality, or it can just be a scene that I must capture.”

And the same goes for Oh. “The next-gen just incorporates womenswear with ease and plays with colors, volumes, and textures so well that it mixes in with their outfits so perfectly.” The clothes, however, must also match the person wearing them. He adds, “sometimes an outfit can feel costume-like on one person, like they are trying to buy their way into a subculture or attitude, but the same outfit can look so right on someone else who wears it with more authenticity or consistency.”

As the generations begin to shift, the street style mantras also start to evolve. One thing that’s certain: Phil Oh and Acielle Tanbetova will be outside the shows capturing it all. Scroll through to meet some of Oh and Tanbetova’s favorite street style subjects from 2022.  

Shuang Bright, Video Editor and Content Creator nominated by Phil Oh

Jalil Johnson, Fashion Assistant at Saks Fifth Avenue nominated by Phil Oh

Casimere Jollette, Actress in Tiny Pretty Things nominated by Acielle Tanbetova

Nick Tran, Senior Buyer at SSENSE nominated by Phil Oh

Becky Akinyode, Stylist nominated by Phil Oh

Dominic Cadogan, Head of Digital Content at System Magazine nominated by Acielle Tanbetova

Golden, Personal Wardrobe Consultant nominated by Phil Oh

Koffi Wandiji, Model nominated by Acielle Tanbetova

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