Kim Jones Takes Us Through Her Visual Journal Of Paris Fashion Week |

Kim Jones Takes Us Through Her Visual Journal Of Paris Fashion Week

Courtesy of Kim Jones

The Los Angeles-based British-Filipino creative invites us to see fashion week through her viewfinder.

Kim Jones has been a fashionable force within the industry ever since she moved to the Philippines from Australia. However, like most people, she had to come off the circuit when the lockdowns hit in 2020. This Fashion Week season is her first time back since then, and Jones returned with a fresh perspective and creative itch. She tells us in an interview, “I went this season with a different mindset, as I’m sure many others did, having answered a lot of personal questions during my time away. I loved seeing everyone and reconnecting. For me, it felt more familial this season.”

Paris Fashion Week, though renowned as one of the most glamorous events one can attend, is a whirlwind week that can often be overwhelming. As Jones says, “Schedules can get really crazy really fast. You never quite know what the day will look like.” This time around, she mitigated the burnout by staying with dear friends, sipping early morning coffees, and having late-night chats wrapped up in blankets.

Jones is known for her distinctive aesthetic, which translates from her clothes to her pictures and her work. Her keen eye is what keeps her 797,000 Instagram followers closely watching what she captures next, and what narrative she might tell with an unwitting yet purposefully composed mirror selfie. It’s also captivating to watch how Jones’ style changes through the years.

She professes, “Fashion has been part of my life for a decade now and over the years I’ve learned a lot about how to build a wardrobe that is me. The pieces I have in my closet are pieces I’ve invested in over the years.” Her one style constant? Great tailoring and strong silhouettes. The two elements are a constant in the Los Angeles-based creative’s look. These days, she says “the weirder, the better.”

With a refreshed view of the fashion world, Jones has been fervently pursuing the art of documentation. She debuted a brand new fashion film for Vogue Philippines—an experimental visual that transports viewers to her artful perspective while capturing the nighttime vibes of Paris streets. This time, Jones is letting us in on another visual journal—a photo diary of her experience at Paris Fashion Week.

Explore the collections through her lens below:

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