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Borgy Angeles Frames The Vogue Man Launch Party In An Intimate, Hazy Glow

Jericho Rosales. Photo by Borgy Angeles

At the Vogue Man Launch Party last Thursday evening, photographer Borgy Angeles could be found at the bar ordering drinks, draped over the arms of his friends, dancing by the center stage, chatting outside on the balcony, or pointing a camera at guests doing all of those things. 

He was equipped, of course, with a camera, excited about the photo diary he’d been asked to do. But it didn’t have a flash, producing photos that had a film-like quality, slightly grainy due to The Peak Bar’s dim, mood lighting. His subjects are properly framed within that hazy glow; out of the three “photo diarists” that evening, including Karl King Aguña and Joseph Bermudez, Borgy was the only one to frequently take guests aside to pose for his camera. This is a quality that Vogue Philippines fashion director Pam Quiñones noted about him during their on-ground shoots: a keen awareness of mood and composition. As his photo diary shows, he likes capturing his subjects candidly, but if given the choice, will properly frame them for a shot. 

Below, find Borgy’s photo diary from the Vogue Man Launch Party, featuring shots that, in feeling, filter out all the noise.

As told to Chelsea Sarabia. Additional reporting by Ticia Almazan.

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