The Poetry of Opposites: Is Tension Driving The Future of Fashion?

The Poetry of Opposites: Is Tension Driving The Future of Fashion?

One can argue that there’s a seismic shift in fashion. Many individuals are witnessing a widening acceptance of style with no boundaries.

Daniela wears ET OCHS Brie Dress, LOUIS VUITTON Louisette bracelet, ELEMENTAL ring. Jasmyn wears ET OCHS Luisa gown, BULGARI B.ZERO1 ring. Photo by Sharif Hamza

Continuously responding to social and cultural shifts, fashion is the first language of an evolving culture. Embracing what is considered contemporary and off-kilter, it can be playful and disrupting all at once.

Daniela wears CARL JAN CRUZ Kudah multi-colored dress. Jasmyn wears STEPH VERANO Play vest, DION LEE utilitarian trousers, NAWA brass necklace, BULGARI B.ZERO1 bracelet. Photo by Sharif Hamza

A mirror to the times, this notion is a reflection of the way younger generations are dressing. Tapping into their creative energy, fashion takes on a new mood. Prizing individuality and uniqueness, it embodies a striking view of what the future can look like.

Daniela wears IT’S VINTAGE leather bomber jacket with embroidered patches, vintage LEVI’S dark wash denim trousers, PROUDRACE Mahal Kita shirt, NIKE Jordan 1 in Dark Mocha, BULGARI B.ZERO1 necklace in white gold. Photo by Sharif Hamza
Daniela wears MAX MARA single-breasted wool coat. Jasmyn wears MAX MARA linen tailored suit, linen palazzo trousers, cropped knit shirt, OMEGA watch. Photo by Sharif Hamza

Embracing the classic languid silhouettes of traditional menswear and injectingmidriff-baring basics, we subvert traditional sartorial codes. Quirky glamour takes on a new meaning with breezy frocks coupled with a pair of Air Jordans, breathing new life into “comfort dressing.” Meanwhile, sharp silhouettes are overturned with soft tailoring, resulting in a reinvigorating balance. When rooted in the abundance of choice and freedom, fashion demonstrates that there’s always more than meets the eye.

Daniela wears J.KIM velvet and paneled cut out dress, ELEMENTAL ring. Jasmyn wears CAROLINA HERRERA chocolate brown suit set, IT’S VINTAGE leather tan tailored jacket, OMEGA watch, BULGARI B.ZERO1 ring and necklace. NIKE Dunks in Panda. Photo by Sharif Hamza
Daniela wears GUCCI one-shoulder tiered lace dress, BULGARI B.ZERO1 ring. Jasmyn wears GUCCI silk chiffon bishop sleeve dress, ELEMENTAL rings,NIKE Jordan 1 in Dark Mocha. Photo by Sharif Hamza

Through unconventional dressing, ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, and transformation are brought to the forefront. Fashion becomes a way of communication, revealing the poetry of contrast: we are both gentle, yet tough and bold, yet polished.

Jasmyn wears TOQA swimwear, GUCCI tailored trousers, ELEMENTAL ring. Photo by Sharif Hamza
Daniela wears archival CELINE paneled leatherwork top, SIMONE ROCHA draped silk skirt, DEAR FRANCES square-toe heeled boots. Photo by Sharif Hamza

With an approach to dressing that’s meticulously offbeat, style revolves around identity and unfettered self-expression. Style can be fluid and flexible. Fashion is a force for liberation.

Daniela wears JUDE MACASINAG Bodymorph dress. Jasmyn wears AZ FACTORY Mathilde dress, BULGARI B.ZERO1 ring in white gold, MAX MARA leather platform sandals. Photo by Sharif Hamza

 By viewing pieces as neutral and style as multifaceted, people are given the ability to choose how they want to dress. Clothing embodies a new ethos of openness. The line between gendered dressing continues to blur. By showing more identities, fashion offers people a reason to connect to the future: an exuberant riff on the traditional style codes, we envision a world that is full of optimism. 

Daniela wears IT’S VINTAGE vintage LEVI’S dark wash denim trousers, LACOSTE white button down shirt, ROLEX. Jasmyn wears PROUDRACE FOR LYN ALUMNO x NIKE Top, IT’S VINTAGE vintage LEVI’S light wash denim trousers, CARL JAN CRUZ boxers, BULGARI B.ZERO1 ring in white gold, ELEMENTAL signet ring. Photo by Sharif Hamza

Exploring the concept of duality brings depth and contrast to clothing, revealing the essence of fashion: creating a safe, but ultimately, unique space. It reminds us that putting on a beautiful garment can be an exhilarating stretch of the imagination. It doesn’t have to fit neatly into boxes or definitions. By celebrating individuality, perhaps we can cast our gaze on a more authentic, encompassing idea of fashion.  

Daniela wears STEPH VERANO mini dress with appliquéd jigsaw scrap cloth and handmade pleated tulle ribbons, NIKE Jordan 1 in Dark Mocha. Jasmyn wears MAX MARA cropped knit shirt, STEPH VERANO lemon tulle skirt, NIKE dunks in Panda. Photo by Sharif Hamza

Photographer: Sharif Hamza. Fashion Director: Pam Quiñones. Makeup: Robbie Piñera. Hair: Raymond Santiago. Model: Daniela Szpejna, Jasmyn Palombo. Art Director: Jann Pascua. Producer: Anz Hizon. Multimedia Artist: Gabbi Constantino. Production Assistant: Bianca Zaragoza. Photographer’s Assistant: Artu Nepomuceno, Lourenco Narciso, Shiela Mae Gonzales. Stylist’s Assistant: Renee De Guzman, Adam Pereyra, Karina Swee. Video: Kenneth Tan, Ashley Yee, Andromeda Tan of Chapters PH. Shot on location in Batangas and Sta. Rosa. Special thanks to Okada Manila, Anton Mendoza and Carol Karthe.

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