The United Nations Fashion And Lifestyle Network Is Moving Forward With A Renewed Vision

Photo by Lisa Kato

Photo by Lisa Kato

Rebranding itself with a new vision, the United Nations Fashion and Lifestyle Network refines its approach to creating a sustainable future.

The new year has brought a renewed vision for the Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network. Since its inception in 2021, the network has accelerated action throughout the fashion and lifestyle sectors in support of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Three years later, it has an even clearer outlook of what is required to achieve a greener future.

Today, the organization has announced a change in title. From now on, it will be known as the United Nations Fashion and Lifestyle Network, reflecting its resolute commitment to an evolving mission that forges ties across the global fashion and lifestyle industries in order to ensure a sustainable future for all. While the network is unyielding in its commitment, it remains agile in responding to the changing demands that will enable ongoing advancement of the SDGs.

The UN Fashion and Lifestyle Network currently has 253 members. Photo by Lisa Kato

At present, the network is comprised of 253 registered members, including brands, designers, and organizations from all over the world that are dedicated to fostering positive change and sustainable practices. In line with this, the network is proud to announce that it has catalyzed over 1,400 initiatives that are tailored to help achieve the SDGs in this critical moment for people and planet.

Speaking about the network’s rebranding, Kerry Bannigan, Managing Director of the PVBLIC Foundation and Co-Founder of the United Nations Fashion and Lifestyle Network declares, “As we move forward, our collective efforts become more critical than ever. The UN Fashion and Lifestyle Network’s evolution is a testament to the power of collaboration, and together the creative sector can shape global sustainability with purpose and impact.”

Kerry Bannigan, co-founder of  the UN Fashion and Lifestyle Network. Photo by Lisa Kato

The network is supported by thought partners Lenzing, Messe Frankfurt, and U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol. Among its members is Studio Lawrence, a UK brand that collaborates with artisans in the Philippines to craft vessels, beautifully blending traditional, Filipino craftsmanship with modern design. The cross-cultural collaboration is but one example of the power of partnerships, as well as the network and its members’ commitment to sustainability and diversity.

Stonecast vessel from Studio Laurence. Courtesy of Studio Laurence
Luxury home goods from Studio Laurence. Courtesy of Studio Laurence

Continually striving to expand its impact, this year, the UN Fashion and Lifestyle Network is looking forward to growing its representation throughout Southeast Asia. Philippine fashion and lifestyle brands that are dedicated to sustainability and ethical production are invited to apply to join the network. The global platform provides a unique opportunity to amplify stories of impact and a chance for members, linked by common values, to share learnings and forge partnerships.

In accordance with its commitment to the UN SDGs, the network is also intent on guaranteeing transparency and accountability through a comprehensive report that it’s set to release in the coming months. The report will provide an in-depth analysis of the network’s growth and accomplishments and also highlight key partnerships, impactful convenings, and collaborative advancements. It will not only celebrate the network’s achievements but also serve as a blueprint for much-needed progress and a crucial call to action for a more sustainable and mindful future.

International Labour Organization assistant director-general and regional director Beate Andrees speaks at the event. Photo by Lisa Kato

At last year’s COP28 summit in Dubai, UN Secretary-General António Guterres emphasized, “It is essential to come together around real, practical, and meaningful climate solutions that match the scale of the climate crisis.” As the fashion sector continues to generate as much as 8% of global carbon emissions, exceeding the impact of all international flights and maritime shipping combined (Bloomberg), all stakeholders throughout the fashion and lifestyle industries must take rapid action.

The summit marked a leap forward for the fashion industry’s sustainability agenda as it hosted its inaugural Sustainable Fashion Show, emphasizing a commitment to eco-friendly practices and inclusivity. Furthermore, the summit saw new legislation, including the Global Pledge on Renewables and Energy Efficiency, signed by over a hundred countries.

Polimoda “Art Thou” final graduation show at the Piazza Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy. Courtesy of Polimoda

These are just a few of the recent developments that seamlessly align with the UN Fashion and Lifestyle Network’s agenda, as it tirelessly advocates for a more sustainable and circular industry. The momentum generated at COP28 puts the fashion industry on a promising upward trajectory toward a greener and more responsible future that we can all take part in and can only benefit from.

As the UN Fashion and Lifestyle Network advances on its mission with a refined name, it remains devoted to promoting sustainability and conscious practices within the fashion and lifestyle sectors, and welcomes members from all parts of the world.

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