Sound of Music: The Intersection Between Sound And Oneself

From left to right, Zyom wears a HELÔ ROCHA dress, EMPORIO ARMANI ribbon. Clara wears an EMPORIO ARMANI velvet belt as a top, FERRAGAMO skirt and brooch. Carol wears a HELÔ ROCHA tuxedo. Fred wears a JOÃO PIMENTA coat, pants and crinoline. Photo by Hick Duarte

JACOBINA faux fur hat, MIU MIU halter shirt, shorts and tights, SAINT LAURENT bracelet. Photo by Hick Duarte

Field notes on silence and serenity, the harmony between the senses and the self.

Vogue Philippines: December 2023/January 2024 Issue


Photographs by HICK DUARTE. Styling and Creative Direction by ALEXANDRE DORNELLAS. Fashion Production: Jhone Ferreira. Makeup & Hair: Silvio Giorgio using Dior Beauty and Keune Haircosmetics. Models: Carol Shig, Clara Marques, Fred Takahashi, Zyom.  Lighting Designer: Gael Oliveira. Production Design: Carolina Monteiro. Producers: Amanda Engler, Hayde Porlan, Yasmin Porto. Production Assistant: Caio Douglas. Photographer’s Assistants: Ana Clara Pazian, Joe Santos. Fashion Production Assistants: Julia Lie, Victoria Matos. Makeup Assistants: André Velmont, Júlia Boeno. Production Design Assistants: Helena Dias, Mathias Galvão. Retoucher: Romulo Koerich. Special thanks to Aura Produtora, Branco Transportes, Rico Prado Lobo, Sítio Cedros. Film: André Iosolini, Jader Chahine. Film Editing: Alexandre Riberio. Soundtrack and Sound Design: Thomas Berti.

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