Gala Moments: Behind The Red Carpet Look Of Sofia Elizalde

Sofia Elizalde Expertly Wears Vintage To The Red Carpet

Sofia Elizalde smiles for the camera at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala. Photo by Andrea Ang

Sofia Elizalde brings forth an emotional aspect to her Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala look.

When re-wear and recycling become part of the process for the red carpet look, fashion takes on a whole new meaning. In Sofia Elizalde’s case, every piece becomes integral to the occasion–lending meaning and sentimentality to a momentous black-tie affair. 

Taking a page from the post-pandemic playbook, Elizalde signifies a return to glamour with a black gown for a touch of extravagance in celebration of the occasion. 

Elizalde purchased her black gown made by designer Victoria Beckham two years prior to the pandemic at Barney’s New York before it closed. “I’m devastated that Barney’s closed so this dress is so special [to me] as it was the last item I bought there,” she says. The Fifth Avenue department store was once a pillar of the U.S. fashion industry.  She continues, “Because of the pandemic, I never got to wear it so it’s perfect for this Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala.” 

Clean, striking, and bold–the gown features a plunging neckline and cap-sleeve details creating a statuesque silhouette. 

Sofia Elizalde’s fan for the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala.Photo by Andrea Ang
Sofia Elizalde’s black clutch for the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala. Photo by Andrea Ang

Paired with a vintage black and white Mantón de Manila gifted to her by her late mother-in-law, Elizalde sheds light on the power of soft draping and subtle details. 

Tied at the waist, the silk piece with elaborate floral embroidery and tassels is a playful yet sophisticated accent to her ensemble producing a frenzy for the eyes on the red carpet. 

Folding in vintage pieces with intention into her red carpet look, Elizalde hits an emotional note with every element involved in her evening attire. 

Showcasing a curation of her beloved pieces in commemoration of important moments of her life, Elizalde spotlights the sentiment of enjoying fashion. 

She adds, “My necklace was a gift from my late mother-in-law when I was pregnant with my first daughter.” 

With a Jewelmer pearl choker sitting just above the collarbone, Elizalde brings a sense of modernity and timelessness to her red carpet look. 

Sofia Elizalde poses with her fan at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala

To finish off the ensemble, she wore exquisite drop earrings and an assortment of rings. 

She mentions, “My earrings are very special to me because they were given to me as an engagement gift from my husband thirty years ago [and] my rings were from my grandmother on my father’s side.”

Holding an ornate fan and a black clutch designed by Filipino designer Rafe Totengco named the “Sofia”, Elizalde brought authenticity to the forefront. 

“Everything I’m wearing are items I have had through the years and each one has a special meaning to me,” she says, “a mix of old and new through the years–all holding special moments of history and fashion in my life.” 

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