Live From Paris, Raymond Gutierrez Takes Us In The Louis Vuitton Fall 2024 Menswear Collection

Courtesy of Raymond Gutierrez

“Pharrell understands what it means to create a moment. This isn’t just a fashion show, he created that moment to tell a story and uplift his collaborators,” Raymond Gutierrez tells Vogue Philippines. “Not to mention, he also knows how to throw a good party.”

At the Jardin d’Acclimation in Paris, Pharrell Williams unveiled his Fall 2024 menswear collection for Louis Vuitton, exploring the American heritage fashion of Western dress and workwear through the lens of the maison. 

Workwear suits riveted in Louis Vuitton’s signature Damier print, Western florals, twin monogram tracksuits, and double knee denim studded with turquoise all aided in Williams’s storytelling. “When you see cowboys portrayed you see only a few versions. You never really get to see what some of the original cowboys looked like,” he told the press post-show. “They looked like us, they looked like me. They looked Black. They looked Native American.”

Photo: Filippo Fior /
Photo: Filippo Fior /

TV host and entrepreneur Raymond Gutierrez stepped into Williams’s western odyssey for the evening, giving Vogue Philippines an exclusive look into his insight. Below, see more of his review of the collection.

What was your overall impression of the Louis Vuitton Fall 2024 menswear collection? What design motifs stuck out to you the most and why?

When I learned that Pharrell was going for a Western vibe for this collection, I was anticipating how he’d make this concept feel new again. But as the show started and the looks came down the runway, I could see that Pharrell upped the ante with this collection. First by collaborating with Native American tribes and their artisans, creating intentional pieces that tell a story; and second, his use of materials such as buttons made of real turquoise sourced from Arizona. Those touches and attention to detail are what really stood out to me. You can pick apart the collection and have pieces that will last you a lifetime, beyond the Western motif. Aside from that, his silhouettes felt refined and modern—a fresh take on the Western wardrobe.

What did you think of Pharrell’s direction in terms of ambiance? What do you remember enjoying the most? 

Pharrell understands what it means to create a moment. This isn’t just a fashion show, he created that moment to tell a story and uplift his collaborators. From the Native American tribes performing to opening the show to his entire design team taking a bow with him at the end, it felt like a whole lot of love. There was a positive energy that radiated within the space. 

Not to mention, he also knows how to throw a good party. Cocktails were served before anyone could even exit the room, and the surprise performance from Pharrell himself, together with Mumford and Sons, ended the evening on a very high note. It was definitely an unforgettable experience. 

Photo: Filippo Fior /
Photo: Filippo Fior /
Is there a piece from the collection that you can see fitting in with your personal style? Do you have a favorite look?

I definitely loved the more tailored pieces, such as the suits in shades of auburn and tan, and the matching set made of velvety croc leather. Other pieces that stood out were the drop-shoulder oversized coat and the fringed moto leather jacket. Plus, the footwear! The boots in mohair, and in snakeskin, and in black with subtle embroidery—I want them all! 

What was most memorable for you about the whole experience and why?
Courtesy of Raymond Gutierrez

I loved seeing how the guests styled themselves for the event. Many came in Pharrell’s first collection drop [for] Louis Vuitton and others came in vintage Louis Vuitton from decades past. It’s so inspiring to see other people’s personal styles and how fashion really is an extension of your personality. I struck up conversations with other guests about their fashion choices and it’s proof that fashion really is a visual language that connects people regardless of our differences.

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