Michael Cinco’s Metaverse Fashion Gala In The Philippines

Michael Cinco Went Future-Forward With The Philippines’ First Metaverse Fashion Gala

Photo by Alexis Wang

In the spirit of showcasing the opportunities blockchain technology has to offer, Philippine Blockchain Week held the Philippines’ first Metaverse fashion gala, designed by Michael Cinco

Filipino designer Michael Cinco once shared that his favorite word is “impalpable.” The word rang true and was elevated to a new meaning for Cinco last night, at the Philippines’ first-ever Metaverse Fashion Gala held at the Mariott Grand Ballroom, Newport Resorts Manila.

Silver metallics were incorporated into the hair and accessories of Cinco’s Metaverse Fashion Gala. Photo by Alexis Wang

In a fusion of emerging technologies and fashion, the gala gave collectors a new way to experience and own couture. As the models walked the runway, their avatars concurrently modeled the same outfits in the Metaverse fashion show. In addition to owning the physical pieces, collectors also got the opportunity to own special edition digital collectibles of Cinco’s work.

The Philippines’ first-ever Metaverse Fashion Gala at the Mariott Grand Ballroom, Newport Resorts Manila. Photo by Alexis Wang

Cinco went in a future-forward direction for the fashion gala. The runway collection featured silver and gold metallic details incorporated into the accessories, clothes, and even in the models’ spray-painted hair. It is a re-interpretation of Michael Cinco’s distinctive style through a futuristic lens, tapping into the technological aspect of the show. The collection also featured Cinco’s signature silhouettes and intricately embroidered embellishments. 

Models backstage at Michael Cinco’s Metaverse Fashion Gala. Photo by Alexis Wang
Cinco’s signature silhouttes and intricate details in the Metaverse Fashion Gala collection. Photo by Alexis Wang

Apart from the exciting new format of the fashion show, it was also an event for a cause. The Global Reskilling Movement, a global movement devoted to expanding possibilities for kids, and the World Wildlife Fund, an organization devoted to the protection of endangered species, will each get a portion of the earnings from the Michael Cinco Metaverse Fashion Gala.

On social media, Cinco expressed his heartfelt gratitude. He wrote, “My sincere appreciation goes to the incredible models, production crew, Lumina Events, and every individual involved in making the show a success. Once again, I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the METAVERSE Fashion Show. Your dedication and support have made this event truly remarkable.”

Model wears a white ensemble in Michael Cinco’s Metaverse Fashion Gala. Photo by Alexis Wang
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