Pia Wurtzbach is Bulgari's Newest Ambassador

Pia Wurtzbach Is Bulgari’s Newest House Ambassador

Courtesy of Bulgari

Bulgari introduces model, philanthropist, and Miss Universe 2015 title-holder Pia Wurtzbach as friend of the house. 

Bulgari most recently celebrated its 140th-anniversary in Rome, paying homage to its heritage, signatures, and values with the collection Aeterna. Still, after a spectacle show with a front-row lined by stars Anne Hathaway and Priyanka Chopra, the festivities continue onto this month; it seems the high-jewelry house has more to celebrate. 

In an announcement made today, Bulgari welcomes their newest house ambassador: Filipino-German model, philanthropist, and Miss Universe 2015 title-holder Pia Wurtzbach-Jauncey, who will take on the title as friend of the house. “[Bulgari has] been creating pure gemstone magic for over 140 years. And to be part of what’s next, the years to come, is truly an honor,” she shares in a statement. 

What Pia is most excited for in getting to represent the Roman jeweler, she says, are all the stories each piece contains, and how unique the embedded emotions are for each wearer. 

Courtesy of Bulgari

“Bvlgari is the epitome of timeless beauty. The stories behind each piece are like chapters from a classic novel—rich, captivating, and full of intrigue,” she elaborates. “There’s a certain call and power whenever I wear Bvlgari. It’s like stepping into a whole new world of elegance and confidence.” 

She continues, “To me, it’s not just about the jewelry; it’s about how it transforms a woman, how it empowers her to conquer any room with grace and poise—and live boldly in the moment.”

Courtesy of Bulgari

As house ambassador, Pia will lead by example, showing just how transformative a Bulgari piece can be—a trait that creative director Lucia Silvestri is well aware of, and which she attributes entirely to the stones. “Our jewels are energy, pressure,” Silvestri shared in the introduction to Aeterna. “They offer emotions not only for the eyes.”

Whether the Maison is inspired by the eternal city, deep-seated emotion, the first crack of dawn, or the line of the horizon, Pia expresses excitement  in aiding in their messaging of craft and creativity. She says, “I’m happy to be part of telling that story and sharing that inspiration.” 

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