A Mediterranean Journey Through History And Culture | Jewelry

A Mediterranean Journey Through History And Culture

Courtesy of Bulgari

Courtesy of Bulgari

The historic seaside city of Venice sets the scene for Mediterranea, Bulgari’s latest jewelry and watch collection.

As a tribute to the beauty, essence, and culture of the Mediterranean, Bulgari has launched its latest high-jewelry and high-end watches collection, Mediterranea. The collection contains three universes, each referencing a specific constellation of symbols, atmospheres, and inspirations. 

The universe called “Southern Radiance” alludes to the rich cultural legacy of southern Italy; “Roman Splendor” evokes the magnificence and mythology of the Eternal City of Rome; while “East Meets West” embodies the crossroads that is the Mediterranean Sea.

An imagined journey through the Mediterranean sea, layered with multiple arts, traditions, and crafts is the inspiration behind the Mediterranea collection. 

Bulgari chose to host its 2023 brand event at the Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel Venice, which provided the perfect setting for unveiling the new collection. Venice lies the confluence of Mediterranean cultures that has brought together distant universes and inspirations, from the secret gardens of the Silk Road to the warm sands of the African desert. 

“Being in the Mediterranean region is an awakening of all senses, and a real inspirational experience. The architecture, the nature, the people, I am eyeing beauty everywhere,” says Lucia Silvestri Bulgari Jewelry Creative Director. “It is an inspiring melting pot, where many different cultures and societies have mingled and enriched each other over centuries. Our hospitality and open-mindedness are rooted in this history.” 

With Mediterranea, Bulgari continues its tradition of eclectic experimentation giving life to a kaleidoscopic collection of jewelry. “With great honor we celebrate the vision of the founder Sotirio Bulgari with magnificent creations that represent the pinnacle of Bulgari identity made of audacious creativity and exceptional craftsmanship,” says Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin.

Courtesy of Bulgari

On the first floor, the “Southern Radiance” creations evoke the warmth of the sun, the colors of the Mediterranean shorelines and the blue of the sea. A partnership with prestigious Venetian glassmaker Venini and its artistic director Marco Piva has resulted in a scenic modular glass sculpture inspired by the brand’s Tazebao chandelier.

For the eclectic “East Meets West” collection, the research-based design studio Rubelli and Formafantasma created an impressive installation of floor-to-ceiling modular sculptures covered with precious fabrics that are inspired by the legend of the Pillars of Hercules. In Greek mythology, these indicated the limit of the known world; there they are used as a metaphor for Bulgari’s desire to break new ground.

Courtesy of Bulgari

Inside the Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel, different capticating spaces were created to showcase the three universes. A collaboration with Venetian luxury textile company Rubelli, each space was decorated with a fabric with a signature mosaic pattern in different color combinations.

The journey continues on the second floor with the use of cutting-edge generative AI, engaging guests in a pioneering moment of co-creation where their emotions, captured by a wearable device, will be combined with Bulgari craftsmanship and Giuseppe Lo Schiavo curatorship to create a personal one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

With the Venetian launch of Mediterranea, Bulgari breaks new ground while showcasing its legacy of creativity and craftsmanship, reverence for heritage and innovation, and connective vision of the past and the future. 

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