Investing In A Fall Shoe? Make It A Pair Of Loafers

Loafers and white socks are the perfect accompaniment to denim shorts. Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Preppy loafers have a certain back-to-school energy that’s typically associated with September dressing, but this summer penny loafers are rivaling sandals as the most popular shoe of the season. At the haute couture shows in Paris, we lost count of the number of guests styling their miniskirts with the sturdy flats.

The beauty of a loafer is that it’s simple enough to go with virtually any outfit. A very practical pair—devoid of frills or embellishment—will ground the girliest of looks. Hailey Bieber loves to wear her Eytys Rio loafers, which have a square toe, flat rubber sole and a subtle tassel detail, in the summer months. Bieber likes to wear them with pulled up white socks, which is a practical, as well as an aesthetic choice in hot weather.

Bieber has worn her favorite loafers with jorts, miniskirts and tailored trousers and crop tops—the only place she hasn’t worn them is at the beach. Kendall Jenner is also living in classic loafers this summer, wearing her The Row pairs on constant rotation. Just a couple of weeks ago she wore barely visible white hot pants in New York, and used preppy staples like a baseball cap, buttoned-up shirt and her black leather loafers to create a sleek take on the pants-free trend she pretty much started.

Loafers toughen up midi dresses
Loafers toughen up midi-dresses. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Loafers and white socks are the perfect companion to preppy summer outfits, such as the striped midi-dress seen on a show-goer above, or the Ralph Lauren cable knit shorts set and bra top that former British Vogue cover star Yasmin Finney wore to Wimbledon. They instantly give a masculine edge to a pretty printed summer dress, and are the perfect way to balance a micro miniskirt, or any hemline that might err on the risqué side.

At Dior, Héloïse Agostinelli wore her flat loafers with a white shorts suit.
At Dior, Héloïse Agostinelli wore her flat loafers with a white shorts suit. Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

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This article was originally published on British Vogue.

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