When Joy Looks Like Childhood Wonder and The People Around You

Photo by Lærke Rose Møllegaard

Sisterhood embarks on a playful voyage over sunkissed landscapes.

If you traveled a little ways further past its looming metropolis, you’d find yourself surrounded by the lush forestry of upstate New York. It was here and across Mexico’s sunkissed terrain that photographer Lærke Rose Møllegard chose as the settings for her explorations in the definition of joy.

Stylist Hannah Krall from the New York unit tapped into the wide-eyed wonder of childhood, reveling in the sheer magic of playing dress-up as a young girl—a pure, tender feeling that can be forgotten all too easily. Krall told Vogue Philippines, “I think we lose our sense of joy and adventure with dressing up as we get older, so with this story I wanted the models to convey a purer and more naïve self-expression with the looks I selected.”

For the Mexico shoot, stylist Angel Macias had another idea to build upon the happiness that was already surrounding them, inspiration sprouting from the soil on which they stood: “It was an excellent opportunity to be more present and be able to discover and share the amazing times with the team.”

Discover the fashion story “Happy Hour” from Vogue Philippines’ October 2023 issue below, and read more about the behind-the-scenes here.

Vogue Philippines: October 2023 Issue


Photographs by Lærke Rose Møllegaard. Styling by Hannah Krall and Angel Macias. Mexico Unit. Stylist: Angel Macias. Makeup: Gus Bortolotti. Hair: Octavio. Leon. Models: Dalia Xiuhcoatl, Akima Maldonado, Ambar Venegas. Photographer’s Assistants: Brian Rodriguez, Mikey Sanchez. New York Unit. Stylist: Hannah Krall. Makeup: Tomoyo Shionome. Hair: Taichi Saito. Models: Diana Carl, Jiwon Ra, Megan Rodrigues. Casting: Eric Cano of Cano Castings. Production Design: Selena Liu. Florist: Michelle Pelletier of Love Me Not Floral. Photographer’s Assistant: Lawrence De Leon. 

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